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How to Increase Social Reach with Micro Moments

Last year, Google gave marketers access to insight around micro moments and consumers’ behavior in the multi-device landscape we work in. With information readily available, there’s no reason to put off getting questions answered, and marketers want to be there when consumers are looking.

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“Mobile and social are disrupting everything, redrawing the consumer journey in ways that force marketers to adapt and innovate in real time,” Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group wrote in his April article for Forbes, “Google’s Micro-Moment: Why It’s A Game Changer For CMOs.”

The challenge of working in micro-moments can bring a sense of urgency and demand to marketers – each customer is facing a different question in a different place at a different time, and they expect immediate and specific answers. While they can be daunting, micro-moments also carry huge opportunity to increase social reach by meeting people with the right content at the right time.

The following three tips can help you leverage your social media tools and relationships to win micro-moments that multiply the social media reach of your brand’s content.

Access Big Reach by Thinking Small

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you probably have a good feel for who your social audience is and what they’re listening to in the social space. Meeting influencers in their micro-moments can multiply the effect of a single won moment across your audience.

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One way to identify an influencer’s micro-moment is by segmenting accounts out of your social media feeds into a dedicated list. You could choose to dedicate your list exclusively to one person or brand, or segment influencers by industry or job title. Either way, take the time to curate this list carefully, then spend some time monitoring your influencers. You’ll be able to identify trends in the content they share and the schedule they share it on.

Influencer Klout
One way to rank your influencers and their activity in the Simply Measured app.

Once you’ve started to see patterns, you can better prepare yourself to join conversations with your relevant content and insights. Post content that is well-timed and helpful to your influencers, and you’ll often see it shared.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We know that key influencers, reporters, and other spokespeople all have a common need: content. But, these contacts each have a unique knack for the content they produce and what they choose to share. So, you can leverage their reach by tailoring your content to what they typically share.

Take a look at some of the people you already have relationships with, and identify which ones have reach and engagement with your audience.

Use our Instagram Hashtag Report to find out who is using and interacting with hashtags relevant to your brand.

Once you’ve decided whom you want to work with, strike up a conversation outside of the social space and ask what this person’s greatest content needs are. Get specific about the format, frequency, and access that these contacts find themselves looking for in their micro-moments. Ask them:

  • What frustrates you?
  • What do you wish you could find?

You might be surprised by what their needs are. Your influencers might want to share raw footage but can only find professional shots from your industry, or wish someone would give them access to a specific perspective from your company.

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Produce and deliver content tailored to them in bite-sized, conversational pieces on a regular basis. Think of this as something similar to sending your coworker an interesting and timely article you just read.

Maximize Timely Content

So far, we’ve talked about ways to get ahead of micro-moments. But the nature of micro-moments calls for marketers to be flexible about when, where, and how brands show up for consumers. One of the simplest ways to increase social reach with micro-moments is doubling down on content with good performance.

Instagram Engagement
Top posts sorted by total Instagram engagement

When you have a Facebook or Twitter post, a blog post, or another bit of content that is outperforming the rest, you’ve found a sweet spot of commonality in your audience’s needs. Something has their attention for the way it’s meeting their need in the moment, and odds are that it won’t last long.

This is when it pays to put some money behind that top-performing post to generate extra reach. This isn’t a moment for selling your product or pitching a deal — it’s for fostering engagement and building positive sentiment for your brand.

Smart social managers have a portion of budget set aside to give these opportunities a boost when they come along. They know that meeting their audience in the small moments makes a big impact on where their audience goes looking for answers next time.

Twitter Ads
Our Twitter Ads Report can help you understand where to allocate funds to boost content on Twitter.

As the customer journey becomes more and more segmented, and it can be difficult for brands to keep up with all of the opportunities that micro-moments present. Leveraging reach through micro-moments is all the more important in this landscape.

One last bit of advice: As you start to identify opportunities for winning micro-moments and extending your brand’s reach, be sure that you’re clear with yourself and your team about how to prioritize which moments you want to be in.

Then, you can focus on creating custom content that boosts your social reach instead of getting bogged down in too many extraneous content projects.

Need help creating a weekly social media report so that the rest of your organization can understand your strategic thinking and needs? Download our How to Create a Weekly Social Media Report guide below.

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Jessica Smith

Jessie Smith is the Director of Marketing & Sales at a mid-sized ski resort in Colorado. She enjoys playing in the mountains, growing in her MarComm profession, and listening to NPR podcasts.

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