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How to Jump-Start Holiday Social Media Planning with Simply Measured

This week, the Simply Measured Social Success Academy hosted our second customer-only webinar, “Jump-Start Your Holiday Planning.” Led by Customer Success Managers, Tazi and Rachel, the webinar aimed to help brands understand the importance of holiday planning, how to execute effectively, and how to analyze these efforts using Simply Measured.

2017 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers

The webinar also shared lessons from our 2017 Holiday Planning Guide, which teaches social marketers to make this holiday their best yet.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get started.

Tip #1: Learn from Past Campaigns

By understanding which social channel drove the most engagement during your previous holiday season, you can gain insight into which channel to really push this year. From there, identifying themes and trends within the content will teach you which content is resonating with your audience.

Tip #2: Listen to Your Audience

Monitor keywords and/or use listening to better understand the organic conversation taking place around your brand or holiday campaign.Holiday Campaign Identifying trends in user-generated content can help you post more effective owned content. You can also use listening to find influencers and new collaborators who will help you expand brand awareness.


Tip #3: Optimize Decisions and Measure Performance

It’s important to establish your goals prior to executing your holiday campaign. This will allow you to have a clear game plan moving forward.

Prepare an expected cadence at which you plan to track your performance: weekly, monthly, campaign-by-campaign, etc. The more you prepare, the more you succeed!

Tip #4: Expand Brand Awareness

You should always be measuring across all your active social channels, so you have a full picture as you plan and deploy a strategy that will increase your brand awareness and following.

SentimentThis will also enable you to identify and leverage a wide network of influencers and generate content based on audience interest instead of guesswork. Tie all this back to your broader marketing holiday campaign strategy, and you’re set to succeed.

How Simply Measured Can Help

Now that you are equipped to create high-performing content for the upcoming holiday season, how can you measure it using Simply Measured?

Analytics Dashboard: Use the Simply Measured Social Analytics Dashboard to dig into previous holiday campaign performance. Draw insights with our content carousel to understand what your audience enjoyed most.

Analytics Comparative Dashboard: See what worked last year for your competitors. You share the same audience space, so learning what worked for them is a win for you, too! Maybe you’ll find some creative inspiration in your competitors’ high-performance content.

ComparativeMonitored Keywords: Create monitored keywords based on phrases, keywords, and hashtags relevant to your brand. The more unique the keyword, the more relevant the data returned.

Listening to your earned media is a great way to know what your customers want, and you can post accordingly.

RedfinYou can also use reports like the Twitter Activity Report, Instagram Hashtag Report, and Conversation Driver Analysis Report, to find trends in the conversation and identity potential influencers.

Content Labeling: Use Content Labels for segmented analysis. You can label your content as specifically as you’d like. Use phrasing like “Halloween” or “Thanksgiving” to do holiday vs. holiday analysis.

You can also dive deeper by looking at “Christmas Decorations” vs. “Christmas Recipes” vs. “Christmas Outfits,” to see which type of content performs the best. Utilize reports such as the Cross-Channel Label Report, or any other report labeled “Filterable.”

FilterTo learn more about this webinar, you can watch the On-Demand version here:

Every other week, the Simply Measured Social Success Academy hosts webinars on topics our customers have requested! Register here and learn more about what’s coming up.

If you have any questions, please utilize our Help Center or reach out to your Customer Success Managers at

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2017 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers


Rachel Sanchez

Rachel is a Customer Success Manager at Simply Measured, where she helps customers achieve their social goals. She enjoys offering strategy and solutions to her customers, and ensuring they are getting the very most out of Simply Measured. In her free time, Rachel enjoys singing, hanging out with her pup Matilda, and strolling local farmer's markets.

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