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How To Measure Hundreds of Social Accounts In One Place

On average, enterprise companies have 178 social media accounts. These accounts are often segmented by a wide range of product lines, and extended to countless individual products before being multiplied by the need to target regional markets and produce content for many different languages.

A brand’s social footprint grows not only in the number of fans and followers, but also in the number of managed accounts that contribute to its collective social presence. With so many networks, accounts, and metrics it can be difficult for brands to see the forest through the trees.

With that in mind, we have made some significant updates to our Multiple Channel Analysis Reports for both Twitter and Facebook; each has been designed to help measure the collective impact of up to 150 accounts, while providing insights at the individual account and post levels.

Let’s take a look at three questions these reports help you answer, using data for Mashable’s multiple Facebook pages as an example.

What is The Total Impact?

See The Forest: The redesigned Accounts Summary turns a large amount of data into a big picture.

Account Summary

Here, the most important metrics showcase a brand’s collective audience size, activity, and engagement. Regardless of how many accounts you’re tracking, metric totals will allow you to quickly determine overall size of your brand audience, level of activity, and ability to engage users. Averages displayed alongside stats for the best and worst performing accounts offer context to individual account performance, while calling out success stories and areas for improvement.

The sample data for Mashable’s fan pages, shows 1.3 Million total fans across 14 accounts. While the primary fan page is responsible for the majority of fans and engagement, we can see that the highest engagement rate goes to the “Mashable Lifestyle” page.

How Are Accounts Trending?

Grow Your Collective Audience: Once you have a clear snapshot of where your brand is as whole, your next question should be “where are we headed?”

Total fans and new fan growth are aggregated across all accounts and then trended to help identify just how effectively the brand audience is being developed. Analyzing a collection of accounts offers the opportunity to discover trends that can impact overall brand performance, and a callout for the highest growth rate indicates which individual accounts are contributing the most to your success.

These reports also give you the ability to view your data by month, week, day, hour or minute, so you’ll be able to pinpoint activity that drives fan growth. In addition to audience growth, the report also provides trended fan engagement.

Total Fans

Keep People Talking: To create awareness, you need to keep people talking, and that means developing a successful content strategy. This report has been specially designed to help brands key in on the right content mix. Provided in the report is a content optimization tool that displays a breakdown of how frequently each content type is being posted by your most successful accounts. This enables you to learn from your top accounts without having to spend hours in the data. Use this information to make quick adjustments to the type of posts being sent from accounts with below average engagement.

The content optimization tool has been paired with a trended view of Facebook’s People Talking About This metric, giving you an idea of how awareness for your brand is trending among Facebook users.


What Is Driving Success?

Dive Into the Details: One of the most important features of the Facebook and Twitter Multiple Channel Analysis Reports, is their ability to go beyond aggregate metrics by allowing users to dive into account and post specific data. Not one, but two tables have been included in the report; both are designed to help identify which individual posts and accounts are responsible for driving overall success.

The Top Posts Table displays engagement metrics for the top 25 posts, so you can see which content is driving engagement. Posts can be ranked by Total Engagement, Likes, Comments, or Shares. This table also gives you the option of filtering smallest to largest, so that you can also pinpoint and learn from your less successful posts.

post table

The Account Details Table contains key metrics for each of your accounts, up to 150. The table allows you to quickly filter and rank accounts by each of the table metrics. Account summary averages for audience size and engagement can help give context to performance totals when analyzing a large number of accounts. Each of the metrics can yield important findings, from how your audiences are broken out, to how efficiently they are able to drive engagement.

account table

Now that you’ve seen what our new Facebook Multiple Channel Analysis report has to offer, it’s time to take it for a spin. Remember most of the same features are now also included in out Twitter Multiple Channel Analysis report. If you’re already a Simply Measured customer, the reports are available here (Facebook) and here (Twitter). To get started with Simply Measured, Request a Demo.

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