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How To Measure Product Discussion on Twitter

Telling the brand story should be the focus of every social brand, but understanding the impact of product discussions is also important.

It can be a challenge for brands to determine whether particular products will resonate with their audience. This is especially true for retail brands and those seeking to create awareness for individual products.

To demonstrate techniques for measuring product discussion, we took a look at Twitter data for the top wireless carriers following Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone 5s.

Measure Product Mentions With Respect to Your Brand

In the example below, we compared the percentage of iPhone mentions contained within Verizon Wireless brand mentions.

Twitter Product Mentions

The day Apple unveiled the new iPhone, Tweets mentioning the iPhone made up 35% of total @VerizonWireless mentions. This is a useful benchmark for Verizon, moving forward the brand can compare the volume of product discussion for future device announcements.

When comparing event discussion, it’s important to measure not just the volume of conversation but also how long increased product discussion persists.

For a more complete picture you can also track Tweets that mention the brand by name, common variations and abbreviations, not just by its handle.

Create Context by Comparing Products

Monitoring product discussion can be useful for more than just comparing announcements and launches. Ongoing monitoring of can provide brands with the ability to focus on products that are gaining popularity.

Product Discussion Trend on Twitter

Comparing multiple products can create context that will help inform decisions about how important individual products are to your social audience.

The volume of discussion for different types of products (and features) can also tell you a lot about your audience, what they’re interested in and what types of content will likely resonate with them.

Social volume trends can also be paired with sales data to gain additional audience insights and provide real-time data that helps inform product placement and advertising decisions across your digital properties.

Analyze Product Sentiment

Volume doesn’t tell the whole story. Spikes in conversation are not always a good thing. It is important to understand how users are discussing a product.

Sentiment analysis is one tool that can help provide context for consumers conversations.

Product Sentiment Comparison on Twitter

As a retailer, products with more positive sentiment are what you want to focus your content around. For brands, the most positively discussed products are an opportunity for you to tell your brand’s story. It’s just as important to identify content that is unlikely to resonate with your audience.

Measure Engagement on Product Related Posts

In addition to product mentions, it’s also important to monitor engagement on product related content. Engagement on your brand’s product specific posts can validate whether your audience is interested and estimate demand for product content.

Segmenting post performance by product is not just helpful for planning your content calendar, and learning about your audience, but also allows you to measure your brand’s ability to expand product awareness.

Start measuring how product discussions impact your brand and how product content resonates with your audience using Simply Measured’s social media analytics and reporting platform.

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