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How to Plan a Last Minute Social Media Holiday Campaign

2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers

People like to buy stuff around the holidays. That’s a fact. Yesterday, I bought a Star Wars t-shirt to give as a present. It was a rad graphic of Han Solo. I don’t even know who I’ll give it to, but it was 45% off and the Facebook ad hooked me! Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I’ll keep it for myself.

According to comScore, desktop spending during the 2014 holiday season (November 1-December 31) was more than $53 billion, which is a 15% increase over 2013.

2014 Holiday Shopping Stats

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As a social marketer, this means you have a massive opportunity to make an impact on your company’s bottom line. But if you’re late to the holiday party, don’t fear, there’s still time to plan a last-minute holiday campaign. Follow these basic steps to plan your campaign quickly:

Last-Minute Holiday Campaigns

For a longer campaign checklist, check out our aptly named Social Media Campaign Checklist, but this quick reference guide will help you in a pinch. For more insight into planning a holiday campaign, read our full 2015 Holiday Planning Guide.

1. Campaign Messaging

Establish a campaign messaging document with the key points, branded terms and hashtags, and appropriate holiday “feel” that you’d like to convey.

2. Campaign Timeline

Develop a timeline for the campaign with a clear beginning and end (the end should extend beyond December 31st). Do you have any after-the-holiday sales that you can incorporate? Should you?

3. Campaign Ownership

Assign responsibilities to the appropriate team members with clear ownership and accountability. The holidays get crazy. Make sure you’re taking into account vacation schedules for both you and your target customers.

4. Internal Communication

Prep all parties with necessary campaign messaging documents.

5. Campaign Calendar

Establish a campaign calendar based off research findings that includes all channels, content types, copy, and video, with each asset tailored to the network it’s planned for.

6. Ongoing Measurement

Establish metrics and KPIs to determine success, including easy-to-track KPIs like engagement, volume, audience growth rate, and–most importantly during the holidays–clicks and site traffic. For the most part, your campaign will be designed to support holiday sales, so make sure you’re thinking about measurement in the proper terms.

Want More?

Looking for more info about how to tackle the 2015 Holiday Season as a social marketer? Download our 2015 Holiday Planning Guide below!

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2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers


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