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How to Save Time This Holiday Season as a Social Marketer

2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers

The holidays are a time for family, spiked eggnog, and awkward high school reunions. However, we all know that just because it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean that social media managers are off the clock.

So, as a social media manager, how do you manage your brand and save time for fun this holiday season? Check out our video and five time-saving tips below.

Tip #1: Step Up Your Emoji Game

In case you didn’t watch the video, we’ll just say this. Over the holidays, you only have so much ⌚️ with your 👪 and friends. So, keep it short by using emojis! 🚶⬅🚶 the #EmojisIRL for more tips and ways to have 😄 this ⛄❄.

Tip #2: Peep Last Year’s Reports

Are you unsure how much activity you’ll be getting over the holidays on social? This is something to keep in mind as you plan out next year’s content and activities.

Dig into your December Simply Measured reports to see just how much people are tuning into your brand.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.21.33 AM

Tip #3: Have a Crisis Plan in Place

It’s a tale as old as time: a Social Media Manager lets her guard down and something goes awry.

Remember that your job doesn’t end because the office is closed. Make sure you have a crisis plan in place if there is a customer emergency.

Statistic from Shoutlet

Tip #4: Schedule Ahead of Time

Let’s be real, there’s no way you’re whipping out your computer at the family dinner table to do some tweeting. Make sure you schedule out enough content to satisfy your audience! You might even see a nice spike in engagement during this time — all that family time sends some straight to Twitter.

Tip #5: Be Aware of RTM Possibilities

People are on social media during the holidays — they’re talking about their food, gifts, family, movies, etc. There are tons of real-time-marketing possibilities for brands, so keep your head up and swiveling for opportunities to hijack popular conversation topics.

Have a Happy Holiday from myself and all of us at Simply Measured!

Bonus: Want to get a head start on 2016? Download our 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide below to stay ahead of the curve.

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2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide


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