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How to Use Short Videos for Social Marketing

The new social marketing craze for sharing short videos offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to compete with the big boys on a level playing field.

How to Use Short Videos for Social Marketing

Because video tends to be more eye-catching than plain text or even still photos, the implications of creating and sharing short and often inexpensive videos increases the awareness-raising  opportunities available to small or medium-sized businesses.

Social media networks are embracing short video as fast as they possibly can, like Facebook has done with its video push in the last few months. These networks know how powerful video can be for keeping eyeballs glued to the page.

The main factor that makes short form video so attractive is its ability to be viewed quickly while on the go, with no need for viewers to have to make a long time commitment.

Here are some quick ideas for how you can add short videos into your social marketing mix.

Show Viewers “Behind The Scenes”

Giving people a peek behind the scenes of your organization can be a fun way to develop a rapport with your customers. You may think that what happens behind closed doors is boring – you see it every day. But people are naturally curious.

You can give a tour of your manufacturing side or the offices, or maybe show your social followers a clip of a company event.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.26.34 PM

Show your employees having fun and let your customers get a sense of what kind of people are a part of your organization.

Show Your New Product in Action

When you show your followers your new product, it’s important not to do it in a way that comes off as self-promotional.

The idea is to make it a fun reveal. You want to pique their curiosity, not give them an infomercial. If you focus on your audience and not your product, you shouldn’t have any problems. Always make it about them, not you.

Show an Event

Holidays, big industry or company-wide events and celebrations are the perfect excuse to share short videos.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.39.31 PM

It doesn’t have to be a national holiday for you to create celebratory video content which engages social users. You can create a short video which appeals to nostalgia and/or brand loyalty in your follower base, like Sony did with this Vine celebrating the anniversary of its iconic Walkman.

Show Off Your Expertise

If you have special expertise that you sell as a part of your services or that people associate with your brand, you can use short videos to show off those skills.

If people have no idea what it takes to do what you do, go ahead and impress them with your knowledge. You might gain a few new clients along the way.

Show How to Do Something

How-to articles and blog posts are some of the most popular things you’ll find on the internet. If your clients come to you to help them solve problems, what better way to demonstrate your skills than showing them how to do something simple?


You can choose a small, simple task that can be explained in a few seconds, or you can take advantage of the video editing tools that are readily available that allow you to use stop motion, time lapse, and other techniques that will help you turn a longer video into a short one.

Planning Your Own Campaign?

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