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How to Use Social Media and Analytics for Better Customer Loyalty

We just wrapped up a webinar with Bitly entitled, “How to Use Social & Web Analytics for Customer Loyalty.” Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at Bitly, and our very own Brooke Andersen, Account Manager, talked about:

  • The changing loyalty landscape
  • Examples of great social loyalty programs
  • How to track and measure cross-channel program effectiveness

You can check out the deck and audio here:

And here are just a few of Brooke’s top lessons from the webinar:

1.  Setting Goals Comes Before Content Planning

Brooke talked about setting goals as an important framework prior to any campaign, so that success can be truly measured.


Usually, she said, social customer loyalty programs attempt to build close-knit communities and increase sales.

2. Surprise and Delight FTW

“Surprise and delight” is a key tactic for successful customer loyalty programs like Sephora’s.

This tactic allows brands to reward customers for the simplest of actions, like a positive comment or great review. Gifting customers with a surprise in return, from a free item in the mail to an exclusive discount code, goes a long way towards ensuring your customers shop with you again, and not with your competitors. This tactic also serves as a method of amplifying brand content, since your customers are likely to turn to social to share their good fortune.

3. Exclusivity Lends a Real Advantage

Exclusivity is going to build your community and help them feel special for supporting your brand over another one.

Brands Who Do This Well

Nordstrom and Starbucks both have strong reward programs that give back to you while you are shopping, and offer members-only perks, such as contest entries and early access to sales events.

4. There Are Key Metrics

When you’re looking to measure for the goal of deepening engagement, you should be measuring total engagements as you go along — duh.

EngagementAnother key metric is customer comments. What is their sentiment? Are they providing you feedback or highlighting what they love? Are they defending your product? Do they respond to negative comments on your behalf as advocates?


Measuring click-throughs will also help you understand if you’re engaging your customers enough. Do they trust you enough to click through to your website or other platform to make a purchase, or learn more? Are your CTA’s compelling enough?

Lastly, the strength of your video content should be measured as you go along. Beyond just getting a Like on a photo, video analytics can tell you average play time and retention, in addition to how many times your video was viewed.

5. Stay Out of the Silo

Your social program should never exist in a silo, but this is especially true when it comes to customer loyalty programs. Your website, in-store promotions, email newsletters, and other digital advertisements should all have consistent messaging and approaches.

SiloDetermine which different tactics will live in each space, but be sure to keep the complete picture in mind so your customer feels special, supported, and loyal.

There was SO much more insight in this webinar, so we definitely recommend checking out the video above. Read our 10 Tips for Increasing Brand Engagement on Instagram below if you’d like an extra boost in this area.

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