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How to Use Social Media to Recruit Top Candidates

Danielle Bartoletti, Recruiter at Simply Measured
Danielle Bartoletti

I recently caught up with our savvy, always-recruiting Simply Measured recruiter, Danielle Bartoletti, to find out how she uses social media in her day-to-day work. The key thing I learned is that, if you want to make her day, retweet one of her job postings on Twitter. She really loves it when that happens.

What do you like about working as a recruiter?

I have always been in customer service and I love face-to-face interaction with people. I feel like in my role in recruiting it’s my job to provide a great experience to our candidates and hiring managers. I think of both of those people as my customers.

What’s the toughest thing about recruiting?

Especially here, we have a lot of really exciting roles that we’re hiring for. So, it’s finding the balance and giving each of them an even amount of attention. I want to make sure that we fill each role with the best candidate so it’s a lot of juggling and multi-tasking.

Which social channels do you use for recruiting? How do you use each one differently?

Of course, working for a social media analytics company, social media is really important. We post all of our jobs on LinkedIn and I also tweet them out. I work with our social media manager here, Jade, to make sure that Simply Measured retweets some of those job posts to get them out to a broader base.

I use Facebook a bit, as well. Facebook is a great tool for referrals. I’ll post jobs to my personal Facebook and a lot of people will tags friends who they think are a fit. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking to hire someone who knows someone.

Do you pull any Simply Measured reports on your activity?

I do. I use Simply Measured to do analysis on my own handle. And, every time I post jobs I use #simplyhiring so I run a few reports on that keyword to see the Retweets and engagement we get from it. I learned that Simply Measured people are really the only ones who retweet my Tweets. Which is part of my strategy so that’s good. [laughter] The place where I get the most help from our Simply Measured network is on LinkedIn because people go there to look for jobs more than on Twitter.

What’s the most productive thing anyone could do on social media to help with recruiting at their company?

Share jobs! Everyone has their own network. I think that when you work at a company and you see a job posted on LinkedIn, or you see it tweeted or on Facebook, just share it out. That will help your team cast a wider net.

At Simply Measured, I would say that 30 to 40 percent of our employees are referrals so that’s important to us here. It’s proven to be very successful.

It sounds like you use your personal Twitter feed and Facebook feed for company business. How does that work for you?

I try to keep a professional tone on social media. If people see me posting jobs and then they see really inappropriate tweets, I don’t want them to think that is the company. Facebook is more private than Twitter. So, on Twitter and LinkedIn be more careful. Be careful what you tweet. [scary voice]

The fun side of using my accounts comes on Twitter when people retweet a job posting or ask me about roles. The more professional side comes on LinkedIn when I get InMails from candidates who are interested in the roles and want to talk further about them.

And, now, the important question: if you were a social channel, which one would you be and why?

Instagram. I think it is one of the most creative ways that people can express themselves. It’s a fun way to see awesome things people are doing with their lives, with pictures, no words.

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