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How Twitter Favorites Factor Into Engagement

Favoriting is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage on Twitter. So much so, that favorites have grown to represent a significant portion of the engagement mix on Twitter.

Favorites are similar to Likes on Facebook. With a single click, you can engage with content to either bookmark, show your appreciation, or simply let the author know you’ve seen their Tweet. This has made favoriting an attractive form of engagement.

That’s why we’ve added favorites to our Twitter reports, and now with Simply Measured you can customize how Twitter engagement is calculated for your brand.

Favorites Are Trending:

We measured engagement for some of the top automotive brands on Twitter and found that favorites accounted for 8% of their total engagement.

Twitter Engagement Breakdown

Not only that, many automotive brands received nearly as many favorites as replies. In fact, in just one week @VW actually received 367 favorites, compared to only 276 replies.

Twitter Engagement Comparison

It’s clear that favorites represent a significant volume of total engagement, and tracking them ensures that brands are getting the complete picture of how users are choosing to engage with their brand.

How Favorites Are Different:/definition/retweet/

Favorites are a preferred form of engagement because they allow users to engage without having to retweet your content, provide feedback with a reply, or mention your brand. Users often want to engage without having having to voice their opinion or broadcast something to their audience.

Twitter Favorites

Favorites are a form of engagement that benefit the user and send a signal to the author, and as such, they are the only form of Twitter engagement that doesn’t reach other users’ feeds.

The Benefit For Your Brand:

If favorites aren’t often seen by others, why should you care?

Although favorites don’t create awareness the same way that retweets and mentions do, they are still another important indicator for measuring how your content resonates with people.

If certain types of content are receiving more favorites than comments or retweets, you may need to deliver your content in a way that encourages more users to retweet and share.

Twitter Engagement by Content Type

Measuring favorites will also give you a better understanding of your ability to engage your audience. It’s inevitable that a portion of your audience will be more interested in consuming content rather than engaging with it.

Favorites allow you to get a more complete picture of how users are consuming your content which can inform your decisions on how to best optimize your content on Twitter.

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I'm a Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. It's my job to deliver content in a way that engages and informs social media professionals. My areas of expertise are marketing automation, conversion and social media analytics.

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