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How #VodafoneSpeedQuiz Captivated India’s Cricket Fans with a Twitter Competition

Vodafone is an international telecomm brand with a presence in more than 28 countries around the globe, from the UK to Ghana, and an active Twitter presence for almost every one of these countries — but what really caught my attention was Vodafone India.

vodafone engagement
This chart shows relevant social stats for Vodafone’s active Twitter properties during the month of April 2015.

Vodafone India didn’t have the most followers or drive the most impressions either. Of all these Twitter handles, Vodafone Egypt has the most followers (823,667 and counting).

Vodafone UK drove the most potential impressions in the month of April (86,592,831) and held the highest engagement rate (18%).

But it was Vodafone India that sent the most Tweets, and reaped the greatest rewards in sheer engagement. Vodafone India sent 4,693 Tweets in the month of April, and racked up 31,932 engagements (replies, retweets, mentions, and favorites).

This is over 5,000 more engagements than Vodafone UK, over 28,000 more engagements than Vodafone Egypt, and seven times more than the average across all Vodafone’s company profiles.

Cricket Madness

When I conducted a competitive analysis including Vodafone’s global Twitter handles to see which handle had the most engaging Tweets overall, the answer was clear.

top engagement vodafone

The top ten most engaging Tweets between all of Vodafone’s Twitter properties in the month of April 2015.

@VodafoneIn owned 80% of Vodafone’s most engaging Tweets during the month of April, due to the cricket-based contest the handle ran.

Indians LOVE cricket —an estimated 400 million tune in when the national side is playing.

That’s the first, most obvious reason why this contest was so successful. Like any fans of a culturally prominent sport, Indian cricket lovers  are highly willing to engage in real-time on Twitter, especially when a big match is coming up.

But why was this campaign so successful for Vodafone in comparison to the other Twitter campaigns that the huge brand was  running simultaneously in different countries?

Images for the Win

Visual content fares incredibly well on Twitter. According to Twitter’s blog, Tweets which include images receive a 35% boost in Retweets.

Our recent Twitter Benchmark Report found that Tweets which include photos receive 57% of all Twitter engagement for the Interbrand 100.

Clearly, someone on Vodafone’s social team has been paying attention to these state-of-the-industry statistics, because every Tweet they sent out about the contest included a catchy image sure to stand out on Twitter feeds.

Method Echoes Subject

One key element of this campaign was speed. The fastest responders to each question won the “match,” and got the awesome prizes (more on that below).

By combining a key attribute of cricket as a sport with the way that users were encouraged to respond, Vodafone India baked a nice sense of symmetry and mirroring into its campaign.

The Incentive is Important

The hope for many brands who run contests on Twitter is that users will come for the free stuff, but wind up getting into the routine of engaging with their brand and eventually become a part of a vital social community that doesn’t rely on giving stuff away to remain popular.

That said, the initial involvement cue for a contest must include an enticing incentive.

Vodafone India got this part right by offering Twitter users a chance to be a “SuperFan,” which earned the lucky winner of each question:

  • Travel together with a friend to a T20 match
  • Stay at the best hotel with pick up and drop to the match
  • Experience the game from an incredible view
  • Own the match ball signed by the winning captain

Many Chances

In tandem with Vodafone India’s generous reward for being the fastest responder, Vodafone made sure to deliver “consolation prizes” to the fastest twenty responders.

vodafone fan

This ensured that Twitter users weren’t discouraged from responding to a contest Tweet as soon as they saw that one person had replied.

Additionally, Vodafone ran this contest for many cricket matches, making sure that people had multiple chances to win the trivia-based game.

Part of a Larger Push

Vodafone India made sure everyone knew about its campaign by repping #VodafoneSpeedQuiz on its website, and offering other ways to interact with the campaign besides Twitter, including text message and website.

vodafone interact

It also spread word about the contest on Instagram.

Key Takeaways

1. Catch Twitter attention with the one-two punch of image/video and incentive. By providing users with an appealing tidbit to initially latch on to (your image or video), and coupling that with a yummy incentive, you’re sure to get followers engaged.

2. Make the user behavior you seek mirror the content you’re building your campaign around. Build symmetry into your campaign by asking users to take action that mirrors the content you’re publicizing.

3. Reinforce it. Run a multi-day, week, or month campaign to reinforce the routine of engaging with your brand.

4. Put it everywhere. Don’t be afraid to scream it from the rooftops. Make sure that if someone Googles your brand, the campaign/contest you put so much effort into creating comes up first.

How will you implement Vodafone India’s engagement win with #VodafoneSpeedQuiz in your own Twitter strategy? Let me know in the comments below, and check out our cutting edge research on:

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