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How Your Brand Should Build its Social Media War Room

We’ve all heard about it, and many are still asking for it: The “Social Media War Room” is rumored to be where all that social magic happens. It’s a room of 5-20 social media managers, executives, designers, and strategists monitoring one event in the hope that maximizing social conversation can do great work (hello, famous Oreo dunk in the dark tweet).

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When your goal is to be the first to the conversation and build awareness and brand devotion, having every decision-maker in the room gives you lots of opportunity. The social media war room may appear daunting when you’re a social media manager of one, but you, too, can have the social media war room of your dreams with these tips and tricks — even without a team of 5-20. 

Streamline That Approval Process

As most social media managers know, the approval process for your monthly editorial calendar can sometimes take up to two weeks.

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But when you want to optimize social activity and take advantage of cultural zeitgeists, you don’t have that much time to waste. When preparing for an event, streamline your approval process by tasking approval to ideally one contact and asking that person to be on call during that event for quick approvals. This allows you to be innovative and speedy to the conversation.

Activate Alerts for Twitter Activity

It might be easy for big brands to gather twenty people into a room, but for small brands and social media marketing parties of one, you have only one pair of eyes to catch all the opportunities that relate to your brand.

ALERTSAlerts can act as one other person on your team pinging you when someone with high influence or a large following mentions your brand, target event, or any keyword you’re tracking. Once you set up your alerts in Simply Measured using this easy guide, you’ll be a master of tackling the conversation quickly.

Prepare Content in Advance

Prepare content for as many social scenarios as you can around an event. This will also help you get pre-approval so that you can act with greater alacrity in the moment. 

For many events, you can identify what key milestones will happen and create a “shot list.” This list gives you pre-generated content for fast response and seizing opportunities.

How do you identify these key milestones? Look at what happened during the event last year, or during a comparable event.

This chart comes from the Simply Measured Twitter Activity Report. It shows the peaks and dips in impressions around one hashtag over a specific time period.
This chart comes from the Simply Measured Twitter Activity Report. It shows the peaks and dips in impressions around one hashtag over a specific time period.

Then set up your “shot list” for off-the-cuff responses and posts which will get you great coverage and keep you out of hot water.

Deep Listening FTW

My final tip for creating the ultimate social media war room is using Simply Measured’s DataRank product for deep listening capabilities. 

DataRankYou can track any hashtag, keyword, or trend for positive and negative sentiment on Twitter, as well as specific influential Tweets and Twitter users.

Now that’s a powerful weapon for your arsenal.

Need more tips on measuring and leveraging social conversations? Download our Complete Social Media Conversation Analysis Guide for the down-low.

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Brooke Andersen

I’m the Social Strategy Consultant on Professional Services here at Simply Measured. I use my previous experience managing social strategy for consumer brands to help our customers leverage social media data that goes beyond profile pages. I love helping our customers create engaging communities passionate about their brand. Also: I can saber a champagne bottle with a kitchen knife and can’t resist Instagramming a Seattle sunset.

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