[INFOGRAPHIC] How Bud Light Platinum Set The Standard for Social Product Launches

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Bud Light Platinum Set The Standard for Social Product Launches Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Across every industry, leading companies have started to see the value in a strong social component to any campaign. Last year, Anheuser Busch and their agency Translation incorporated social into every part of their launch campaign for the new brand Bud Light Platinum, measuring each step along the way with Simply Measured’s suite of social analytics tools.

This strategy has resulted in the most successful US alcohol launch since 2005, and paved the way for Bud Light Platinum to continue growing today. How’d they do it? Together with Translation and Anheuser Busch, we took a look back at the success of the launch, highlighting the key components, lessons, and successes in this infographic.


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