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Instagram Lessons from Wedding Brands…For Any Social Marketer

If you are a bride-to-be planning a wedding, like I am, I feel for you. It can be tough, and today’s bride relies heavily on social media for creative ideas and solutions so that her big day is #flawless.

When I started this crazy journey, I immediately started following a few big wedding brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the creative juices flowing. I mean, I want to make sure I get my bridesmaid the cutest gifts. I want the reception to be beautiful. I want the best dress.

What I quickly found after following and tracking hyper-successful wedding brands The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Wire, is that they post to Twitter A LOT.

Brand PostsI assumed Instagram would be the highest social channel for posting, but I was wrong, just like I was wrong about going with a cheap alterations woman. Instagram may have fewer posts, but it does have the highest average percentage of engagement-per-brand-post, which is a stronger metric than overall post numbers.

In my research, of course, I had to run some reports because I was curious — and I stumbled upon lessons that any social marketer can use to boost Instagram engagement.

A successful post doesn’t have to be brand-focused. It just needs to appeal to your audience.

Top 10Between The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Wire, the piece of content that received the highest engagement in the month of February featured Leo at the Oscars.

The Knot knows that their audience is largely female, and of course a picture of Leo is going to appeal to a female audience. And, yes, the success of this content is partly due to the fact that we all want to go to bed dreaming of Leo…but it was also posted prime time during the Oscars.

Getty was also tagged, and with their large amount of followers, this post is getting more reach and discoverability with that tag (more on that later). The target audience, plus the timing and tagging, made this post very successful.

Build engagement with your post by asking your followers a question. By directly soliciting user-generated content, your post will get a lot more engagement.

There are a lot of brands out there that have a very loyal following on Instagram, and wedding brands are no exception. The amount of times I interacted with StyleMePretty’s content is actually kind of embarrassing.

If you post a question to your followers, many will gladly offer up any information you ask for! This is a good way to make your followers feel more connected with your brand. Look at the comments on the post above and you’ll see that most commenters don’t simply answer the question; they tag other friends and get them involved in the conversation as well.

Asking your followers a question will not only help with engagement, but also may help gain you followers, since most people commenting add a friend to the conversation.

You can experiment with this tactic over a specific period of time and track how many new followers you gain to understand if it’s a worthwhile long-term strategy for your brand.


Add vendor tags to your content to enable discovery and extend reach. 

If you are anything like me, you will scroll through and creep on the Explore and Search tab in Instagram for an unacceptable amount of time. As a brand, you love people like me for this reason. A smart way to ensure you get featured on this page is to add vendor tags to your post.

The Search and Explore page is based on photos liked by people whose posts you’ve liked, or posts that are liked by a large number of people. By tagging these vendors, you are growing your community on Instagram.

User-Generated Content is a free and effective way to get your hashtag used.

This piece of content is a regram from a diamond brand, so this cost the brand nothing to create, and they are promoting their hashtag.

Hashtag use is beneficial because the followers of everyone who uses that hashtag will see The Knot’s hashtag.

What do you think about these tips from wedding brands on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below. Also, feel free to chime in if you have any wedding planning tips more generally 😉

Lauren Duvauchelle

I am an Account Manager here at Simply Measured. I work with some of our larger clients to ensure our platform is making life easier and social campaigns better. I love eating at yummy Seattle restaurants, grabbing happy hour with friends, and doing cartwheels. Go Ducks.

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