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Instagram’s #Hyperlapse Racks Up 119k Posts in First Week

Last week, Instagram launched Hyperlapse, an app that creates movie-quality tracking shots and fast time-lapse videos. Since then, the masses have embraced the new feature in a big way. This is good news for Instagram, who is competing against a flurry of competitors’ latest video enhancements. Hyperlapse, however, has made a stellar debut, and we have data to back that up.

#Hyperlapse has racked up 119k total mentions in the first week

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.04.17 PM
#Hyperlapse mentions on Instagram have consistently been upwards of 15k per day.

In it’s first week, the hashtag #Hyperlapse has already become the talk of the town. Not only has it been used 119k times, over 88,000 unique users have posted #hyperlapse content to Instagram.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 16.32.23
Over 88,000 people have driven 4.1 million impressions of the #hyperlapse hashtag.

Since the initial peak the day after the announcement, mentions of the #Hyperlapse hashtag have hardly diminished. This steady level of engagement is a great sign for the power of this tool, with users influencing others to begin utilizing it.

One surprise is the number of #Hyperlapse posts being shared off Instagram. The 119k posts have generated 36k Tweets, and more than 14k Likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 16.36.52
Engagement on these 119k #Hyperlapse posts extended well beyond Instagram.

Brands Embrace the App

Brands and celebrities are already experimenting with Hyperlapse, contributing to the massive engagement numbers. The most popular #Hyperlapse posts are by brands and people like National Geographic, Ellen, Vogue, etc. Below are 3 of the most engaging #Hyperlapse posts thus far!

@JanelParrish – 45,424 Engagements

@TheEllenShow – 91,469 Engagements

@NatGeo – 98,455 Engagements

How is your brand using #Hyperlapse? Is it working? To understand that, you have to understand how to measure success on the network. Our new guide, The Complete Guide to Instagram Measurement, can help you. Download the full guide for free below.

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