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Instagram’s New Updates Just Made Marketers’ Lives Easier

Brand marketers are no strangers to Instagram, the photo-sharing app with more than 200 million monthly active users.

Our Q3 2014 Instagram Study found that 86% of the top brands in the world are active on the network, and 73% post at least one photo per week.

Yesterday, Instagram released several updates designed to make the user experience better for everyone on the network, but the benefit to social media marketers may have gone overlooked.  So what can you expect, and how will it benefit your marketing efforts? Below is a quick walk-through of the features.

An Updated Explore Tab

Instagram’s explore tab now consists of two components: photos and people.

While the photos tab isn’t new, it does have some updated features, including auto-populating text on searches.

image1 (1)

You’ll also notice that when searching tagged terms, total counts display next to the options. This is a great feature for marketers looking to use popular tags, create their own branded hashtag, or get involved in trending conversations.

Understanding the volume of conversations taking place, even at a glance, can help marketers make quick, more informed decisions.

The people tab is another exciting addition for brands.

image1 (2)According to Instagram, this “people” tab will highlight “interesting accounts for you to discover.” The tab will highlight potential friends based on other connections, but it will also showcase brands based on similar criteria.

As a marketer, this means a greater potential of getting in front of users who share common interests with your current followers. Apparently, Instagram has determined that I should follow the city of Seattle (obviously, since it’s the best city in the world), Bulleit Bourbon (because Instagram knows me well), and pop star Ariana Grande (okay, I can’t explain this one).

Editable Captions

In addition to the new explore functionality, Instagram has added the ability to edit captions after posting.

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.33.09

I’d like to sit here and say that none of us ever make typos, but we all know that’s not true. This function lets us correct them without deleting, correcting, and reposting photos.

Download Our Q3 2014 Instagram Study 

Our Q3 2014 Instagram Study analyzes the activity behind thousands of posts and hundreds of millions of likes and comments to find the most successful brands, tactics, and content types.

This study uncovers findings around:

  • Hashtags
  • @Mentions
  • Photos vs. videos
  • Location tagging
  • Posting frequency

Here’s a teaser. The full study is available to download for free by clicking the button in the graphic below. See how your brand stacks up to the best in the world!

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