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Introducing Facebook Global Pages Reporting from Simply Measured

Facebook simplified the laborious process of managing multiple Fan Pages across different countries when they introduced Global Pages. For international brands, the new structure allowed for a single, unified brand image and the ability to aggregate like count with a single number for total fans.

Instead of discovering many different Fan Pages for brands, Facebook users are directed to the local version of a Page for the country they live in. This allows brands to create targeted Fan Pages that are more relevant to local audiences by altering the content and imagery. While the Global Pages format is a step forward for brands, measuring and reporting on Global Page Insights has continued to present a challenge for marketers who manage a host of pages around the world.

Many Simply Measured customers use Global Pages and have asked for a report that brings together data from all their Local Pages and help them discover insights on a single page level, as well as aggregate overall global data. Simplifying multiple data sources together in one place and making them consumable is what Simply Measured does best, so I’m excited to announce the new Facebook Global Pages Report to help customers do just that!

Without digging through each Local Page’s Insights to find the right data, our new Global Pages report allows you to aggregate all of the Local Pages in one place and share them with your teams directly on the web, in PowerPoint, or dive deep in Excel with dynamic and fully customizable charts.

Highlights from the report

Visualize your global distribution of fans

Analyze the breakdown of fans by  region to understand your fan distribution and show incremental differences in size with color. With this report, brands can identify opportunities in regions where creating a local page would be beneficial. This chart makes for a great visual to show your internal teams, clients, or management.


Analyze engagement across Local Pages

Use the “most engaging pages per post” section to compare the difference between the best and worst performing pages by posting frequency, post type, and engagement.


Analyze aggregate community health and content performance on all Local Pages in a single report

Use this section to focus on audience growth and total PTAT for the global audience with charts showing daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


Bring together all Local Page details and top posts

Analyze performance all the way down to the post level. Instead of toggling between each Local Page, you can start sorting through top posts. It also helps identify high performing posts that can be shared with local page admins to show them what’s working for pages very similar to theirs. A full list of local posts is included with the ability to sort by any page metric, including engagement per post and brand posts.

To learn more about about the report, contact us to talk with one of our product experts or contact your Account Manager for more information.

Jordan Greene

Jordan is the Director of Product and Strategy at Simply Measured. He leads our product and strategy teams to make sure we deliver useful tools and reports that our customers love.

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