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Introducing Instagram Insights (and Stories!): New from Simply Measured

Starting today, Simply Measured customers will notice some exciting new data in their Instagram dashboard views, including the ability to analyze Instagram Story performance, impressions and reach of posts, the content your audience saves, and the videos they view.

Let’s walk through the data you’ll see as a Simply Measured customer (and if you’re not a Simply Measured customer…what are you waiting for?):

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become an essential tool in the social marketer’s tool belt. Of the 800 million daily active users on Instagram, 300 million are consuming stories.

If you’re a marketer using Stories, you need to know what’s working, not just how many Stories you’ve published.

With Simply Measured, you can not only see the Stories you’ve posted; you can see how your audience reacted to those Stories:

  • Taps Forward
  • Taps Back
  • Replies
  • Exits

Segment your data by the type of interaction, the time frame you’re interested in, or the content you posted, even segmenting between photo and video Stories.

Impressions and Daily Reach

As a marketer on Instagram, your ability to make an impact on a large number of people is paramount. Simply Measured’s Instagram dashboard will now show your daily unique reach and impressions, broken down by content type, between photos, videos, and carousel posts.

You can even see the reach of an individual post, and sort all of your Instagram posts by their reach.

Video Views

Likes and Comments on your videos are useful, but you also need to know how many people view your videos. How many people are watching on a given day?

What Can You Do with Instagram Insights Data?

If you’re a Simply Measured customer, you can start tracking this data by authenticating your Instagram account in the app today. And if you’re not a Simply Measured customer, like I mentioned before…what’s stopping you? Request a demo to see what we can do.

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