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Introducing Twitter Ads Reporting from Simply Measured

unnamed (3)Today we are excited to announce that Twitter Ads Reporting is now available in Simply Measured. Twitter’s ad revenue is soaring (up 97% year over year), and more spend means marketers need a comprehensive reporting solution to measure and optimize campaigns.

In 2014, Simply Measured released the Facebook Insights with Ads Report, marking our first entry into paid social analytics. Today we’re excited to extend those capabilities to Twitter and strengthen our product’s ability to provide full coverage across paid, owned and earned social analytics.

Currently, advertising metrics are available in the native Twitter Analytics Dashboard. By incorporating this data into Simply Measured’s measurement platform, we can layer on additional capabilities to help marketers get the most from their efforts. Here are few highlights we’re excited about:

A Holistic Campaign View

Your campaigns are now measured in context, providing data from the current reporting period as a component of lifetime value.

Screenshot 2015-02-24 11.59.09

Uncover Hidden Value with Objective-based Analytics

We’ve built our reporting to align with Twitter’s new objective-based campaigns so users can measure results with business outcomes in mind. Marketers running an App Install campaign primarily measure CPI, but may miss quantifying followers or engagements gained from the same campaign. Simply Measured makes it easy to measure the full story.

Screenshot 2015-02-24 11.59.19

Access to Beautiful, Flexible Reports

Gone are the days of screenshots, flat .CSV files and hours of building visuals in PowerPoint and Excel. Our reports look the same on the web, in Excel and PowerPoint, with native charts and tables that update dynamically. You can also choose custom report time ranges and intervals.

Screenshot 2015-02-24 11.59.30

Watch the Demo Webinar

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar walking through the new Twitter Ads reporting feature.

Ready to give Twitter Ads Reporting a try? Request a demo from our team. If you’re already a Simply Measured customer, your Account Manager can help you get setup with the new report. Simply Measured is proud to be a Twitter Certified Product.

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