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Is Vine Growing Quicker Than Instagram Did?

Is Vine Growing Quicker Than Instagram Did?

vine_02When Instagram became available on Android, over 1 million new users popped up during the first day.

Will Vine see similar results? The video sharing app’s inception and development has trended very similarly to Instagram’s, with one difference: Its moving faster.

Just five short months after its release, and to the dismay of Apple users everywhere, Vine is being released on Android.

How does that compare to Instagram?


When released on Android, Instagram already boasted 30 million monthly active users. The difference between that and Vine’s 13 million? 13 extra months. Instagram launched in October of 2010 and didn’t release an Android version until April of 2012.

It took Instagram a full year – or 355 days, according to Instagram’s blog – to reach 10 million users; a feat Vine wrapped up in just over 3 months.

Vine and Instagram seem like natural counterparts. Video to Photo. Twitter to Facebook. With backing from the two biggest social networks in the US (and very little support from the other, respectively), it will be interesting to see how tactics and development continue to grow and shift with the trends.

How Many Vines are Being Posted?

Between 1-2 million links are posted to Twitter each day. When Vine was first released, it averaged just over 50 thousand Tweeted links each day. We’ll continue to watch adoption and user growth as the Android users storm the scene.

Will The Addition of Android Entice More Brands?

Just like Instagram, it’s taking brands a while to get the hang of Vine, but there are several that are already making waves with the product as a branding and engagement tool.

And no surpise, even @VineApp is using their product to market…well…their product.


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