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Jumbo Jets: The Surprising Secret of @FourSeasons Twitter Success

@FourSeasons tweets about a lot of things: the world’s largest Nobu restaurant (which happens to be on a Four Seasons property), its Miami hotel’s pool view, and travel bucket lists. But what really gets Four Seasons’ Twitter following going?


Half of @FourSeasons’ most engaging tweets in the month of April revolved around #FSJet, Four Seasons’ private jet service for hotel-hopping customers.

four seasons social engagement

Almost all of the  top keywords in Tweets which mentioned Four Seasons  involved the company’s jets.

four seasons keywords

So what is Four Seasons doing to get people jet-happy on Twitter? I looked at Four Seasons’ top-performing tweets in the month of April to find out.

Native Videos

@FourSeasons attracts engagement with  its #FSJet tweets by embedding native video. Some of these videos are just a few seconds long, serving as previews to longer YouTube “trailers,” which are linked to within the tweet.

This is a smart tactic because attention spans are getting ever shorter, but everyone has five seconds to spare. By tantalizing Twitter users with a taste of in-network video, those users are more likely to click through and watch the video in its entirety.

The YouTube video linked to in the above tweet, for instance, already has over 142,000 views, and was published on April 22.


@FourSeasons has done best with this tactic, but has seen engagement success with Vines and longer-length embedded video, as well, proving that experimentation with the moving image is working in their favor on Twitter.

Influencer Link and Inside Look

@FourSeasons has gained a ton of traction by partnering with travel blogger and influencerJennifer Parker, and simultaneously publicizing Bloomberg press pick-up. 20% of @FourSeasons’ most engaging tweets in the month of April came from this partnership.

By linking their brand with Parker and with Bloomberg, where the “inside look” piece was published, @FourSeasons built recognition, validation, and awareness for its #FSJet. Everyone — even those who could never afford it — appreciates insight into an exclusive world. This is especially evident in one of @FourSeasons’ most popular tweets:

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat

@FourSeasons is incredibly savvy at content marketing. The brand knows that it can take one piece of content — in this case, the “inside look” video of its #FSJet — and splice it up in various ways so that it seems fresh and reaches the broadest audience possible.

From Vines to native video to the full YouTube experience, @FourSeasons slices and dices its video content, and serves it up several times on Twitter, keeping the #FSJet top of mind for anyone interested in its brand.

Key Takeaways

1. Choose one major initiative, and build out from there. Four Seasons has an advantage in that it’s got a seriously attention-grabbing initiative to create Twitter-friendly content around. But your business, no matter how big or small, can also benefit from focusing on one message you want to build awareness around, instead of trying to broadcast too many things at once.

2. Influencers + Press Pickup = Engagement Win. By leveraging press pickup and the audiences of the writers for that press, you’re going to drive more engagement than you otherwise would.

3. One piece of content, many different ways. Build one major piece of campaign content, like a video, photo shoot, or guide, then package it in different ways and see what hits best.

How would you implement Four Seasons’ content marketing lessons in your own strategy? Let me know in the comments below, and check out our cutting edge research on:

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