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Lessons From @NikeSupport’s Twitter Customer Service Metrics

Over 1,600 tweets are sent daily to the dedicated customer support handles of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands. In our recent Twitter Customer Service Study, Nike emerged as one of the most successful brands conducting customer service on Twitter.

As a leading consumer brand, @NikeSupport receives a daily average of more than 265 inbound customer support tweets, second only to @BlackBerryHelp. Despite being in high demand, Nike’s 74% response rate ranked it first among the Top 100 brands with dedicated customer handles.

Respond Quickly and Often

 Nike customer service responds quickly and often. Nike has an average response time of 2.8 hours, well below the Interbrand 100 average of 5.4 hours. 55% of the time @NikeSupport is able to respond within 30 minutes, and an additional 13% of responses are made within the hour.

Nike shows commitment to customer service by ensuring nearly all responses are made within 24 hours of the initial reply.

Dedicated to Customer Support

Nike is leading the way in customer service on Twitter, as one of only 23 of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands to have established a dedicated customer service handle.

Dedicated handles better equip brands like Nike to deliver customer support and measure performance. Nike’s support handle gives it the ability to assign support specialists when needed, separately manage marketing content calendars, and avoid marketing to followers who may be frustrated with the brand.

Nike can differentiate its Twitter marketing content and audience from its customer support content activities. @NikeSupport’s 86K+ tweets can be clearly attributed to customer support.

Likewise, tweets from @Nike can be easily associated with marketing efforts, where one-to-one tweets might represent influencer engagement, rather than service and support.

A dedicated customer service handle also helps brands analyze their social audience. For example, the 66K+ fans following @NikeSupport might be brand enthusiasts, but they may also just be users who followed a support handle to receive a little help via DM.

Measuring customer support performance on Twitter differs from measuring marketing performance. Dedicated customer service accounts better enable brands to measure performance and refine strategies.

Service Scaled To Meet Customer Needs

Nike customer support is active on Twitter 7 days, with a 3 hour average response time on weekdays and an even quicker 2 hour response time on weekends. 

@NikeSupport replies trend closely with user mentions, meaning that Nike has enough dedicated support resources on Twitter to scale with customer demand. Customer support mentions for Nike typically peak around 1:00pm Pacific Time, and Wednesday is the most active day of the week.

During the course of our study, Nike maintained an excellent average response time of 2.8 hours. During business hours Nike is able to reduce its response time further, to 2.6 hours.

Nike conducts nearly all of its customer service between the hours of 6:00am and 8:00pm. Nike receives 85% of customer mentions during that same time, showing that Nike has a customer support strategy tailored to fit the needs of its customers. To view @NikeSupport’s full report, click here.

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