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Lessons from Zillow: The Benefit of a Social Earnings Call

With new approval from the SEC, companies are taking to social to answer questions and disclose financial information during their earnings calls.

Netflix did so on Facebook recently, and now Zillow is helping shape this new trend with their recent Twitter-integrated earnings call.

The public, analysts, and experts alike were invited to ask questions via the #zearnings hashtag, and they turned out in droves.

How Zillow Used Social for Their Earnings Call

Zillow Earnings Call

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff answered 23 of the many questions submitted via social media, and the company prepared a blog post to answer other questions that weren’t addressed.

Zillow didn’t respond to every question, but they’d hyped the “event” enough that they had an audience. The company also used the expanded audience  as a branding exercize, promoting their own hybrid of earnings statements with marketing collateral for the folks monitoring #zearnings.

Did it Work?

Zillow added 2,300 followers on the day of the announcement, and engaged 396 people, with an average of 1,900 followers each, increasing it’s potential impressions to over 2 million with over 3,000 clicks on their links.


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