Libya and Egypt: A Tale of Two Twitters

Libya and Egypt: A Tale of Two Twitters Adam Schoenfeld Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

While the post-Mubarak events in Egypt are still leading headlines, the world is now simultaneously following developments in neighboring middle-eastern countries seeking change. Twitter is continuing to play an invaluable role in driving momentum and sharing these events.

We analyzed Twitter activity about Libya and Egypt and specifically looked at where (by country) these conversations are happening. When comparing the location of conversations about Egypt vs. those about Libya, we found clear differences.

Tweets from Egypt account for a big percentage (~25%) of the conversation about Egypt. Due to internet shutdowns and lower Twitter penetration, this is not the case in Libya. Less than 1% of Libya mentions come from Libya.

Surrounding Middle Eastern countries appear to be highly engaged in the discussion about Libya, led by Egypt which accounts for ~8% of the total in our sample. Perhaps their success is driving support of similar efforts in the region?

The Libya story also seems to be more concentrated in North America, Europe, and the Middle East compared to the Egypt story which was well covered globally.

These findings were based on a study of ~250K recent tweets mentioning Libya or Egypt, specifically our location feature that identifies user location based on geotagged tweets or user profile information.

Adam Schoenfeld

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