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=LIFT Is Back for a #BreakThrough Year

It’s been a few months since we concluded our first annual conference, and I’m excited to announce that our second is on the way!

Blog-LIFT2016-Savethedate=LIFT(social,2016) will take place September 20-22 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle. Early bird tickets will go on sale on April 1st, and you can get the quickest updates on deals, event details, and speaker announcements by signing up here.

Building =LIFT(social,2016)

Last year, over 350 social marketers attended the one-day conference that was focused on best practices for social media practitioners. As we were thinking through the type of conference we would like =LIFT to be, we realized a few things:

  • We want =LIFT to be the type of conference you wait all year for
  • =LIFT needs to focus on helping you learn, grow, and bring knowledge back to your company
  • We want you to have fun, engage in your community, and meet people like you: in your industry, in companies and roles similar to yours, facing similar challenges and trying to answer similar questions
  • There needs to be enough time to achieve all of this

Once we established and agreed on these operating principles, we started designing the conference that we would want to go to.

We are planning on having more content than we can pack into one day, so this year we are inviting you to join us for three days in the great Pacific Northwest.

Tuesday, September 20th will include registration and a reception at the Sheraton.

Wednesday, September 21st will include opening keynotes and breakout sessions, as well as an opening day party.

Thursday, September 22nd will include breakout sessions, closing keynotes, and a surprise content format that we are working on and will announce later in the year. And, of course, we will close out big, with a downtown rooftop party that may or may not include an oyster bar…

[Note: if you are a Simply Measured customer, Tuesday, September 20th will also include a full day of product training and roadmap presentations.]

As we approached the topic of content for the conference, we established some guiding principles:

  • No fluff: Only valuable content you will appreciate and can actually use
  • Flexible agenda: We can’t possibly predict today what will be top-of-mind for you in September, so the agenda must be flexible enough (more on this later)
  • Discussions, not just presentations: Our panels last year were great, and people wanted more of them. We also heard that people wanted to be able to interact more with the content, not just sit and listen
  • Good ratio between sessions, breaks, and time to network: You need to time to stretch your legs, meet some people, and do your own thing. But you also want to get ALL the content.
  • Follow, lead, and leap: We want the content at =LIFT to teach you the current best practices and follow the current trends, but we also want it to push you to think about “what else,” and inspire you to do more. We want =LIFT to help you make a leap.

With these principles in mind, we’re focused on developing the agenda and content for =LIFT, and finding the right speakers, panelists, and coaches to bring in.

If you have ideas about content, topics and/or speakers you would like to see, or if you would like to speak at =LIFT, please email us at We would love to hear your thoughts.


While we can’t possibly predict everything that will be top-of-mind for you in September, there is one topic we know will always be important to you: how to do your job better.

When you got into social media, it was uncharted territory. It was the special experiment businesses took on to try and figure out if this “thing” was for real. So, companies let their marketers “do some social.” But somewhere along the line, social media got serious, and your job got more real. Now we have a social strategy, and social teams, and tools, and budgets, and responsibilities.

But social media is still siloed, separated from performance marketing and out of the real conversions in the boardroom. It’s time for us to break through.

We’re at a turning point as an industry. We have the potential to break through the barriers that have kept us from realizing the full potential of social media on our business. We have the opportunity to break through and become the driving force for our business.

This year, =LIFT (Social, 2016) will focus on the breakthroughs in social media and how to set your social for a breakthrough year.

Visit and sign up to receive updates. Early bird tickets go on sale April 1st. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Uri Bar-Joseph

VP of Marketing at Simply Measured and the designated punching bag for the marketing team. I believe in marketing through data, but love the creative elements of marketing. I write about strategy, decision making, the future of marketing and how social media is reshaping marketing. I'm on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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