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LinkedIn’s Newsle Acquisition, Or Why Building A True LinkedIn Strategy Is Vital Now

Newsle_blogLinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Newsle, what’s been described as a Google Alert for your professional life, is just one more way the network is attempting to enable success for its users.

It’s also the reason why LinkedIn is (or should be) so attractive to all you marketers. Here are the features and smart plays LinkedIn’s made to increase its relevance and value as a social network.

Rich, Varied Content And Easy Discovery

LinkedIn’s got tons of different avenues for content consumption and is making the process of reaching those consumables easier by the day (or acquisition). Starting with Newsle, the following is a list content consumption tools that make up LinkedIn’s stellar suite — and why they should matter to you. 

Newsle – Newsle finds the names of your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts on the web. It sifts only through news articles and blog posts — not social media mentions — and delivers those results to your inbox very shortly (I’m talking seconds) after pages are posted.

Why it matters: 

As Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s head of content products, said so well in Monday’s announcement, “Knowing more about the people in your network—like when they’re mentioned in the news—can surface relevant insights that help you hit your next meeting with them out of the park.”

LinkedIn is expanding the amount of professional news it can provide you with, recognizing that it’s not enough to be a social network. To stay relevant, it will have to be a news network, too. 

Pulse Newsreader – In November 2013, LinkedIn joined with Pulse to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to its members’ professional interests on a sharing-made-easy mobile app.

Why it matters: 

The Pulse Newsreader allows social interaction in the form of Likes, comments and shares on informative, inspirational content that’s relevant to you and your professional network. It’s a good way to get your thought leadership content to go viral. And, it’s a fabulous way for your brand to stay in front of the right eyes — as long you’re showcasing content that goes deeper than just talking about how great your brand is.

Influencer blogs (and beyond) – This past February, LinkedIn announced that their blogging platform would be open to regular users, not just LinkedIn Influencers like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban.

Why it matters: 

When a LinkedIn user publishes a piece of original content, it becomes a part of that user’s professional profile and is immediately shared with their network.

If you enjoy content posted by other users who are not in your network, you can follow them and receive future updates. A smart move by LinkedIn for increasing engagement and notifications that members receive from the network.

Remember that folks who aren’t already in your network will be able to follow you on LinkedIn as well, in an effort to get at your yummy content. This wider sharing allows everyone the opportunity to build an entirely new audience.

What’s the idea? The more connections you have, the more you know. I’m not just talking people here, I’m talking a wider net of available industry information.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: it’s time to become an influencer, both on a personal level and as a brand.

Groups – LinkedIn Groups are forums for same-industry professionals or similar-interest professionals to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

Why it matters: 

These groups are, more and more, where serious industry conversations are happening and where cutting edge developments are getting revealed. How can you show your industry your successes? How can you reframe challenges to position your brand in the best way possible? Become known as a reliable resource for industry-related questions and folks will be a lot more willing to pay attention to your brand in offline forums, as well.

The bottom line: your brand has to have a felt-and-heard presence in its relevant groups. Remain active in LinkedIn groups even at the periphery of your specialty area. The wider the net you cast, the more fish you catch.

Make sure you’re checking in with LinkedIn, either by sharing content, posting jobs, or asking questions, on a weekly basis. Your competitors probably are, and if they’re not, all the better. The first to bat is the first to swing.

Is LinkedIn relevant to you?

Which new developments do you see this 300 million+ strong network welcoming in the next year? What do you think the Newsle acquisition will do for LinkedIn? Give us your best guesses in the comments below!

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