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Listening Reimagined for How Social Marketers Actually Work

Our fastest-growing product just got better.

When we started offering Listening a year ago, it was an instant hit. As momentum increased, we began collecting feedback from customers. We were on a mission: to take our Listening product from good to great. To make a popular tool into a product that social marketers can’t live without. To reimagine listening.

Rather than coming up with a frilly gimmick, we built a product that knows how social marketers actually use listening tools, and delivers on those needs.

Social marketers use listening to reveal information in three primary categories: Content, People, and Influencers.

  1. CONTENT – Discover trending conversation themes—positive and negative—and create more engaging content by analyzing which pieces of earned media people are seeing and engaging with most.
  2. PEOPLE – Analyze how different audience segments participate in the conversation by age, gender, and location, to find new groups of people to target with brand message.
  3. INFLUENCERS – Find people and co-marketing partners to access new audiences.

And social marketers don’t just want these answers for their own brand. They want this data about their competitors and their category, too.

Over the last year, we’ve had droves of people switching to Simply Measured from other listening providers. They all say the same things: “We were so bogged down by a bunch of features we never used, it was cumbersome to just do the basics.” And when they told us how much they were paying, our jaws hit the floor. Many of these folks are able to purchase full-funnel social analytics from Simply Measured for the same price or less than they were paying for a standalone listening tool.

So, here we are, a year later. We’ve built a new listening product that does what you need, works seamlessly (and affordably) with the rest of our full-funnel solution, and gives you the flexibility and intuitive design you need to create and edit queries and find answers in fewer clicks. Simply put, it’s designed for the real social marketer: the social marketer who has zero free time, but won’t compromise on the importance of making data-informed decisions.

Let me show you a few of the things our beta customers loved and used the most. 

The New Word Cloud

Word clouds have always been one of those features that people can’t agree on. Visual people love them, but data purists don’t think they tell you anything. To both sides, I present the new Simply Measured Listening word cloud.

The visual people in the beta loved this feature because you can hover over each term to see the volume of mentions, filter by post text, @mentions, hashtags, and emoticons. Oh, and by the way, you can customize the color scheme.

The data-heads loved it too, because they could instantly filter the word cloud by date and channel, location, age, and gender of the post author, theme, and post type. You can also click on any term in the word cloud and add that word/hashtag/@mention as a filter. If you see a term that doesn’t fit with your analysis, just exclude it instantly.

And just to make the data-heads feel good, we added a detailed table below that mirrors the word cloud and includes more data, like post engagement and sentiment.

Our agency customers found our enhanced word cloud an especially valuable way to communicate the social conversation to clients. And yes, you can download it to .png with a single click to drop into emails and presentations. Click here to read how one of our agency customers is already having success with the new product.

The People Table

Finding influencers just got easy. What does influence mean to you? Someone with a lot of followers? Someone who already has a high volume of posts relevant to your brand? How about someone who may not have a lot of followers but receives a lot of engagement on their posts about your brand or category? Take your pick; make one click. That’s it.

Almost every beta member was trying to find influencers. Sometimes it was to build relationships with micro-influencers; other times it was to discover who was making the most noise (positive or negative) about their organization so they could leverage (or mitigate) that content. What used to take hours, scrolling through comments and looking for names you recognize, is now done in a single click.

The Posts Table + Filters

Our beta users spent a good portion of their time in our posts table because that’s where they could see what people were saying. Which posts have the most visibility? Which posts are receiving engagement? Simple sorting surfaces the content that’s having the biggest impact. This is nice, but what truly makes this feature powerful is the filter bar at the top, especially the “Search text” feature.

Remember what people told us they didn’t like about their previous listening tools (that they were bloated with unnecessary features which made it difficult and intimidating to find insights)? This simple and fast filtering experience solves for that, so you can easily make the transition from macro-level aggregates to micro-level insights.

By combining multiple filtering options, you’re able to shape your analysis however you want. And, if you’re looking for something in particular, just use the “Search text” box to look for posts containing a specific word, phrase, hashtag, or @mention. That needle of insight buried in the haystack of posts just got a lot easier to find.

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Colin Zalewski

Product Marketing Manager at Simply Measured with a passion for full-funnel digital marketing. I enjoy a round of golf, a Kentucky Mule, and warm evening walks with my wife and dog.

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