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March Madness: Which Upset Was the Biggest Shocker?

Let the madness begin. This is my favorite time of year– the basketball, the brackets, the One Shining Moment… But, we all know there’s nothing better than a good upset. Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament proved to be very entertaining, but heart-breaking for some billion-dollar-hopefuls. Let’s take a look at how March Madness and today’s bracket busters stack up on social.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.21.23 AM

After Day 1 of the dance was all said and done, the #MarchMadness hashtag had been mentioned over 400,000 times.

With four OT games (a NCAA record), the #MarchMadness traffic was all over the place, peaking at 5,000 mentions per minute during the Dayton vs. Ohio St. game. Every upset or OT-win is complemented by a surge in #MarchMadness mentions, so we can expect to see more crazy peaks as the tourney rolls on.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.39.16 AM

As for yesterday’s three huge upsets… Dayton vs. Ohio State, Harvard vs. Cincinnati, and Oklahoma vs. North Dakota shocked basketball fans and shattered brackets. But, by far and away, the most surprising was Dayton vs. Ohio State. Stunned fans took to Twitter, as mentions of #MarchMadness + Dayton/Ohio peaked at nearly 3.5k / minute. The game also ruined 83.7% of perfect brackets – Ouch. After Dayton vs. Ohio St., Harvard and NDSU followed in unprecedented fashion. By the final upset (NDSU vs. Oklahoma), Twitter activity waned, as people fully accepted the fate of their brackets and the unpredictability that is March Madness.

As the tournament rolls on, we’re bound to see more upsets, more buzzer-beaters, and way more involvement on Twitter. Stay tuned for more March Madness analysis!

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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