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Measuring the ROI of Social Media with Simply Measured

ga_fbIf you work in the digital space, there’s a good chance that you segment your analytics as follows:

  1. Social media activity
  2. Website traffic activity

Sound familiar? For many of us, this has been the case for a long time. Now I have a question:

Why are these sets of metrics mutually exclusive? Your social programs should do more than promote engagement and awareness. They should drive traffic to your website and ultimately convert. Your measurement should reflect this.

After a three month beta program, Simply Measured is publicly releasing our Social media-driven Google Analytics reporting tools which can help you do just that. These six reports are designed to help simplify and streamline the crossover metrics from your social profiles and site traffic, making the ROI of your social traffic simple to identify, analyze, and optimize.

Let’s take a look at the different ways pairing your social analytics with web metrics can help you identify, track, and ultimately push the needle on your bottom line.

Social Traffic Report

Social Media Analytics Website Traffic

By breaking out the site traffic from major social networks, our Google Analytics Social Traffic Report allows you to identify the network that’s helping push visits to your site, so you can visualize and understand it in an easy, comprehensive way. Whether social is a major traffic driver or not, this report can help you identify which social components to focus on, how you can optimize based on the networks that are already driving visitors to your site.

Tweet-to-Site Analysis

Twitter Analytics for Website

What is your Twitter promotion actually doing? Sure, folks are engaging with you, mentioning your @handle, and Retweeting your content. From a branding perspective, this is great. But for all your efforts, are you driving traffic to your site? The Tweet-to-Site Analysis helps you pinpoint exactly how many site visits are coming from your brand activity on Twitter, down to the individual tweet, and quantify how that activity is driving any of the bottom-line goals you’ve set within Google Analytics.

Blog Performance Report

Google Analytics Blog Performance Analytics

Your blog is often the best conduit for bringing social traffic to your site. Pairing the analytics from each of your social channels with your Google Analytics, we’ve created the Blog Performance Report, which breaks down the most successful posts, which are being shared throughout your social channels, and how many of your defined business goals (set within Google Analytics) are being met by your blog and social traffic.

Influencer Report

Influencer Analytics

Which people and brands in your social network are driving visits through their social content? Who has the highest Klout score or largest audience? The Twitter Influencer report can help you determine where your promotional efforts should be focused and who your biggest supporters are so you can optimize future content based on the posts they’re engaging with.

Landing Page Analysis

Landing Page Analytics
Which pages are bringing in the most traffic for your site? Which are being shared across social networks? The Landing Page Analysis will help answer these questions and determine pages with highest bounce rates, analyzing week-over-week results, and set goals and objectives for pages. The Landing Page Analysis is the best way to determine whether you’re improving your quality of traffic, and which sources are helping you do so.

Traffic Source Analysis

visit by traffic segments
The Traffic Source Analysis brings all your website traffic into one easy to manage and present report, connecting what’s happening in social, search, referral, and paid segments to the activity of users throughout your website. This report is great to share your insights on a higher level across departments to demonstrate value and analyze need.

If you’re a Simply Measured customer, the Google Analytics reports and instruction guide are waiting for you in your dashboard. If you’re not already a customer, see what our Social Google Analytics Reports can bring to your business: Reach out today to request a demo.


Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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