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Miller Lite Isn’t Putting a Hashtag in its Commercial…It’s Putting A Commercial in its Hashtag

Miller Lite has launched their first-ever-user-generated commercial and they’re enlisting the help of Twitter. With summer just around the corner, Miller Lite has taken this opportunity to generate brand awareness around the #ItsMillerTime hashtag. Users will be allowed to submit their photos until August 14th, and some of them will be featured in a commercial on August 15th. The hashtag has been tweeted almost 50,000 times since the campaign began.

Check out their first 30-second YouTube push below.

Did anyone else just get excited for summer? I know I did…I might just go out and buy a 16 of Miller Lite. In addition to the YouTube video, Miller Lite has been pumping their hashtag via Twitter.

Not only are they banking on promo spots like these (and surely more to come) over the summer, but they’re also incentivizing the contest. Miller Lite will be giving out $1,000 prizes to 10 lucky submissions each day for 100 days. So, are people taking the bait on Twitter?

#ItsMillerTime Has Been Mentioned Over 49,000 Times

As you can see below, Miller Lite’s hashtag has already got quite a bit of traction. Prior to the YouTube video, which was released on the 21st, hashtag pick up was positively trending. Since then, #ItsMillerTime has racked up 49,573 mentions on Twitter.
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 2.55.28 PM
This is impressive volume for a relatively young contest. We can expect to see a ton more promotion around this contest as the novelty wears off and the deadline nears.

One of the most compelling parts of this promotion is that if fans want to get involved, they need to actually purchase Miller Lite. Not only is it engaging fans to Tweet, it’s engaging them to buy product.

What do you think of user-generated content? Is this a savvy brand tactic?


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