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MLB World Series Recap: How Tweets Tell The Story

The MLB World Series is finally upon us. As the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox battle it out for the Commissioner’s Trophy, we’ve been tracking the series to see how the teams are stacking up on Twitter. Play ball!

The World Series Final Numbers

game volume comparisonteam volume comparisonThe Red Sox won on Twitter! The final game put them well ahead of the Cardinals.  Although it was a tight race, the final game put the Red Sox well over the Cardinals, averaging 55% of the total world series tweet volume.

Game 6: Red Sox – 6 Cardinals – 1

game 6 volumeThe World Series came to a close last night and the Red Sox came out on top. From the get-go, Boston was leading on Twitter as well. We saw our first spike when Boston scored 3 in the 3rd, and then again in the 4th. St. Louis fans made a push in the 7th inning, but came up short in the end. The Red Sox took home Game 6 on the field and on the web.

Game 5: Red Sox – 3 Cardinals – 1

game 5 volume
Volume Comparison by Game
Volume comparison by teamBoston came up big last night. Not only did they take home the victory last night on the field, but they dominated on Twitter as well. Although they’re now one game ahead of the Cardinals, both teams are tied on social. We’ll see if the Cardinals can turn it around in Game 6 on Wednesday.

Mid-Series Check-in

series volume by game
series volume by teamHere’s a snapshot of the World Series so far on Twitter.

Game 1 clearly amassed the most tweets, as Cardinals’ fans cheered for the team, despite dropping the first game to Boston.

The Cardinals continued to dominate on Twitter, until last night when they smoked Cardinals’ mentions by 30k.

Can Boston keep this momentum to win the last few games on Twitter?


Game #4: Red Sox – 4 Cardinals – 2

game 4 volume
And we’re all tied up! Last night, the Red Sox not only beat the Cardinals on the field, but on Twitter as well. Boston fans outpaced St. Louis fans all night on Twitter, especially after their team took home the W. We’re willing to bet that everyone is going to bring their A-game tonight for Game 5!

Game #3: Red Sox – 4 Cardinals – 5

game 3 volume
Game 3 was filled with drama. The Cardinals scored the biggest peak of 5k mentions after their win, despite controversial obstruction call. However, leading up to the final inning, Boston fans made a push for their team on Twitter. The Cardinals took home the W, winning 5-4 in the final inning.


Game #2: Red Sox – 2 Cardinals – 4

2013 World Series Game 2 Twitter Volume

The Cards managed to turn it around last night! After a monster 7th inning, the Cardinals were able to pull away and tie the series 1 – 1. Although this is their first win of the World Series, the Cardinals are 2-0 in the Twitter competition. The Cardinals had 64k Twitter mentions, while the Red Sox only amassed 54.3k.

2013 World Series Game 2 Pitchers

The Cardinals’ pitcher Wacha had a great day yesterday. Wacha held the Red Sox scoreless for 5 innings, allowing them to only volume comparisonscore twice and helping his team take home the win. Twitter noticed, mentioning Wacha far more than Boston’s pitcher, Lackey, all night.

Although the series is 1 – 1, the Cardinals have taken home both Ws on Twitter. We’ll see if Boston can turn it around and make a push for our “Most Tweeted” title.

Game #1: Red Sox – 8 Cardinals – 1

2013 World Series Game 1 Twitter Volume
Although the Red Sox ended up taking the W, the Cardinals gave them a run for their money in terms of tweet volume. After an unusual officiating call in the 1st inning, David Ortiz was robbed of a grand slam by the Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran.
2013 World Series Game 1

cardsadcopyIt was admittedly a rough game for the Cardinal’s pitcher, Wainwright. After a miscue on a routine fly ball in the 2nd inning, mentions of his name peaked around 3,200 mentions. On the other hand, Boston’s Lester got a standing-o after pitching a dazzling scoreless 8-innings, peaking at 2,500 mentions.

The Red Sox may have won the game, but the Cardinals had more mentions on Twitter. Our final score was: Red Sox: 133,671 mentions vs. Cardinals: 147,275 mentions.

Will the Cardinals be able to turn the series around? We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to find out! If not, there will be one very sad Simply Measured employee.


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