Mobile World Congress by the Numbers: Who Had Twitter Buzzing?

Mobile World Congress by the Numbers: Who Had Twitter Buzzing? Nate Smitha Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain has been bigger in size than past years, but in a new trend, brands are making their big announcements outside the conference schedule. HTC had their “One” a week ago, Samsung is waiting until next week to show off the “Galaxy IV”, and Sony announced the “Xpiria Z” in January.

While it could be expected that the absence of these flagship announcements from key players led to a quiet conference, it didn’t. The four day conference drove a lot of conversation across the web, but the hot topics might not be what you’d expect.

We’ve been tracking¬†Mobile World Congress on Twitter, following the hashtags #MWC, #MWC13, and #MWC2013. As the final day of the week-long event winds down in Barcelona, we’ve seen over over 188 thousand tweets, driven by some players you might not expect.

Check out what’s had people talking:

top brand mentions

Nokia saw the highest hourly peak in Twitter volume during their press conference. The mobile brand introduced a large range of products and upgrades, and their event drove more than 1.2K mentions during the peak hour. Asus saw the second highest spike after introducing their Fonepad, a tablet that works as a phone as well. Mozilla and Huawei captured some early engagement around their press conferences, but then stayed relatively quiet through the rest.

Ericsson may not have seen a huge spike for their press conference, which focused on network solutions, they saw longterm buzz, with over 7,500 mentions, mainly over the final three days of the event.

Even though Samsung didn’t choose this week to release their Galaxy IV, they did announce their new tablet, the Galaxy Note 8.0. Samsung remained a constant conversation driver throughout the event, with over 7,700 mentions.

mwc twitter volume

Daily volume peaks were comparable to this year’s CES daily volume. Much less buzz on day zero (where CES played host to several high profile press conferences) but both events had an hourly volume that peaked at nearly¬†10,000.

OS mentions

We took a look at the major operating systems being talked about as the landscape is shifting. Firefox’s recently released OS had far more mentions that other leading operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows, with over 8,600 mentions.

top users

The event has been covered by top news outlets, with tweets coming from The Wall Street Journal, CNET, BBC and CNBC, as well as several major Spanish networks.


While Nokia and Samsung maintained the lion’s share of the conversation, it’s interesting to see that Ericsson and Intel grew as the conference continued, capturing an impressive share of volume as well.

For a deeper look at Twitter data from the event, check out this full report.

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