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My Top 5 Favorite SlideShares from the =LIFT(Social,2015) Conference

You know when you get back from an industry conference or a really good lunch with a mentor and need a minute to internalize all you’ve just heard? Well, that’s what this past week has been for me — not to mention a recovery period from putting on our first conference ever!

You can find the links to all slides from =Lift(Social,2015) conference right here, but in case you don’t want to wade through all that (awesome) content and trust my opinion (usually a mistake, but not this time), here are my top five decks from the conference, in no particular order.

Social Video Tactics

I’m not just picking this one because we’ve had him on our #SimplySocial podcastAndrew Grinaker‘s presentation was terrific. In this deck, Grinaker gives a crash course in conceptualizing, producing, and evaluating the success of social videos.

Since social video is running through the minds of most social marketers in 2015, this deck is sure to prove valuable for your brand.

Social Marketing Today

I’m not just picking this one because I have the misfortune…I mean, privilege…of sitting next to Kevin Shively everyday. He began with MySpace and ended with where the social marketing space stands today.

Competitive Benchmarking

Most companies don’t manage as many successful brands as Anheuser-Busch does. Bethann Autrey gave us specific, applicable insight into how this world-class organization conducts competitive social analysis.

Big Challenges, And How to Approach Them

Nate Elliott, who hails from Forrester Research, gave us an analytics-based, big picture view of the challenges that social marketers are facing and what our future looks like.

Defining Success

Uri Bar-Joseph let people throw balled-up pieces of paper at him, so you know it was a dynamic presentation. He outlined the three major steps towards success: identifying objectives, organizing social metrics, and setting realistic goals.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

Let us know on Twitter, and check out our fresh 10 Social Media Trends You’ve Been Ignoring guide below for more latest and greatest.

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