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[NEW DATA] Top Brands on Instagram Grow Follower Base by 166% Year over Year

Instagram is known as a playground for large consumer brands. Of the 68 Interbrand 100 companies using the network, the top 10 are large household names, each with over 1 million followers.

This isn’t surprising. The visual network attracts visual brands – from apparel, to jewelry, to automotive, the ability to highlight and showcase your consumer goods is appealing to these big players. So what are these top brands doing? And how do they stack up with the rest of the list? Lets take a look:

Top 10 Interbrand Companies on Instagram

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Audience Growth

The growth rate on Instagram for the top 10 is nothing short of impressive. Brands dedicating time and resources can see impressive organic growth. While audience sizes aren’t as massive as Facebook’s, the opportunity is huge, and top brands have taken note.

The top ten Interbrand companies have seen an average audience growth rate of 166% over the course of a year.

While this isn’t the most drastic growth on the list – several newer accounts have grown quite a bit – it is impressive for the biggest profiles on the list. These brands were early adopters, and maintaining this type of growth is nothing to scoff at, especially on a network that doesn’t have promoted accounts or “follow” advertising options.

Brand Activity

These top brands didn’t get there by accident. While it’d be blind to assume they don’t see organic growth due to their well-known and sought-after products, their Instagram presence has been just as carefully cultivated as their other marketing efforts.

These top ten brands average 28 posts per month. The entire Interbrand average is only 18 posts per month. 

This is indicative of the value these brands place on the network, investing time and resources to regular posting – daily, if not more.

Engagement Trends

These top ten brands averaged just over 11 million engagements on their Instagram posts over the last year. This factors in engagement on photos shared to both Facebook and Twitter.

Screenshot 2014-05-13 13.06.31

That average is impacted heavily by BMW and MTV, the two most frequent posters from the list. These two brands each tallied more than 20 million engagements on Instagram content.

Average engagement for the entire Interbrand list is 2.7 million engagements.

Car Companies Driving Engagement

Automotive companies seem to be capitalizing on Instagram’s discovery and search features more than other brands. BMW has gotten 18.5 engagements for every one of their 1 million fans over the last year. They’re joined by Mercedes Benz, who tallied 57 engagements for every one of their 775,975 fans over the course of the year.

What are they doing? Posting pictures of cars…obviously. These luxury auto manufacturers have a vast collection of visual advertisements at their disposal, content their social teams are quick to leverage. They’ve also figured out how to reach their audience of enthusiasts by finding the hashtags they frequent:

Nike: Just Post It

It’s not surprising to see Nike top the follower chart. While they post less than any brand in the top 10, they have the largest audience by almost 2 million, and have had the top 10 posts (by “likes”) over the last year.

Screenshot 2014-05-13 10.33.48


Instagram is a gold mine for B2C brands. 68% of the top 100 brands in the world are active on the network, and ten of them have grown to over 1 million followers and are actively engaging audiences even bigger than that. As a B2C brand marketer, the opportunity on Instagram may be too big to ignore.

Which brands are tops on the network in your mind? Let us know in the comments, and to analyze your own Instagram account, click the link below to start a free trial of Simply Measured.

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