NEW Instagram Analytics From Simply Measured Include #Hashtag Monitoring

NEW Instagram Analytics From Simply Measured Include #Hashtag Monitoring

Instagram has been stepping it’s game up lately. It’s only right that we do the same.

With over 150 million users posting 40 million photos a day, new videos, and now an ad platform being rolled out, Instagram is a brand marketer’s paradise. To help enable the folks on the front lines of social marketing, we’ve released a brand new suite of Instagram analytics.

Four new reports will help you understand your presence on the network, and Instagram has also been added to our Complete Social Snapshot to see how your growth and activity trends across all your favorite networks:

TheseĀ reports allow you to get the complete picture of your presence on Instagram, but we didn’t stop there. Instagram #Hashtags have also been added to our keyword monitoring reports.

To learn more, visit our Instagram Analytics page, or request an invite to a FREE Trial of Simply Measured:

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