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A New Way to Analyze Audience and Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is making some changes this month to the way they deliver data. In response to these changes we’re excited to announce two new Simply Measured reports to help marketers analyze and understand their LinkedIn strategy.

  • New:  LinkedIn Company Analysis. A significant improvement over our previous report highlighted by new data types, additional features, and a refreshed design.
  • Updated: Cross-Channel Social Performance Report. LinkedIn data can now be included in your cross-channel measurement. Aggregate, standardize, and compare your social performance (both owned and earned) across eight different social networks.

Why LinkedIn Is so Important

LinkedIn launched in May of 2003, and for over a decade, it’s been synonymous with professionalism.

Over 350 million people use LinkedIn to connect and share with their peers. For businesses, this is a great opportunity to interact with your target audience, but only if you understand how members interact with each other, companies, and content on LinkedIn.

Our new reports are aimed at helping companies reach and engage these users in more meaningful ways. Let’s take a quick look at the two new reports.

LinkedIn Company Analysis

We’ve made significant improvements over our current LinkedIn company report including new data, features, and a refreshed design.

Analyze a company’s brand and marketing performance on LinkedIn.
Analyze a company’s brand and marketing performance on LinkedIn.
Understand the influence of paid and organic activity on LinkedIn audience growth.
Understand the influence of paid and organic activity on LinkedIn audience growth.

Cross-Channel Social Performance Report

LinkedIn data can also now be included in cross-channel reporting.

Screenshot 2015-04-27 07.17.29
Analyze engagement, content, and audience growth across eight social channels at once.
Screenshot 2015-04-28 16.37.19

Who Can These Reports Help?

When you think of LinkedIn, you probably think of companies with a B2B focus like IBM.

LinkedIn is undeniably valuable for B2B brands; it’s the go-to network for finding business users that are going to be interested in your products or services, but LinkedIn isn’t just for B2B. Companies like Coca-Cola, Hilton Hotels, and Verizon are best-in-class on the network at keeping people up-to-date about company happenings and new products.

Other companies, like Disney or BMW use the channel in traditional ways for talent acquisition, and have built massive audiences on the network by understanding their audience and optimizing their marketing accordingly.

Regardless of your industry, there’s value in LinkedIn, as long as you understand the network, and more importantly, the audience who engages with your company.

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Jordan Greene

Jordan is the Director of Product and Strategy at Simply Measured. He leads our product and strategy teams to make sure we deliver useful tools and reports that our customers love.

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