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New Twitter Moments vs. Snapchat Stories: Which is Right for Your Brand?

New Twitter Moments vs. Snapchat Stories: Which is Right for Your Brand?

On October 6, Twitter released its long-awaited Moments, “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.”

ReCode recently published an article likening Twitter’s new Moments feature to Snapchat Live Stories. Both features help you find the “best of” their respective networks in real time, broken down by event categories.

So which features of Twitter’s Moments (codename Project Lightning in previous reports) makes it so appealing to social marketers, how can you use it, and how does it compare to Snapchat Live Stories?

Twitter Moments Has Built-In Sharing Capacity

You can engage with a Moment in a lot of ways on Twitter within its multi-layered experience. First you click on the lightning bolt.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.56.10 AM

Then you choose a moment to immerse yourself within.

twitter moments choose

It’s worth noting that Twitter Moments have many more moments to choose from than Snapchat has stories. This is a definite “pro” in Twitter’s column.

As you’re moving through the different Tweets in a Moment, you can click on a specific Tweet to get more details, then Favorite, retweet, reply, or interact with that Tweet however you want to.

Snapchat Stories do not offer this level of interactivity or sharability. In Snapchat Stories, the Snapchat viewer takes more of a passive role.

How your brand can benefit: Remember that Twitter Moments can range from the serious…

…to the more playful:

You can get involved on either end of the spectrum there.

We also recommend building a thorough social content calendar chock full of events that have been popular on Twitter in the past, from the more playful like “National Corgi Day” to the more traditionally epic, like the Grammys or Oscars.

Snapchat Stories Is the OG

People automatically associate Snapchat with its curated Snapchat Stories, and they turn to the network for this kind of content. They’re not used to consuming social content in this way on Twitter.

An interesting difference is that Twitter Moments are curated by popularity, whereas it is unclear how Snapchat Live Stories are put together.

How your brand can benefit: If your brand likes to place itself in Snapchat Live Stories by ramping up its Snapchat presence during big events or even partnering with Snapchat to create your own Live Stories, keep doing what you’re doing.

But the new Twitter Moments should serve as a catalyst for investing more heavily in your Twitter presence — especially video/GIF content, which captures the most attention in Moments. You don’t want to be left out of the conversation on the go-to network for current events and cultural relevance.

Twitter Moments Cut Through the Noise

Twitter Moments help Twitter users find out what is happening now and what they should be paying attention to.

Within the Moments tab, there are even categories that Twitter users can choose from, allowing even more specific content tailoring for Twitter users.

categories twitter moments

Twitter Moments are a natural extension of the Trends sidebar, but instead of simply referencing the content in question, Twitter is now surfacing it for you, too, and removing a barrier to exploration on the network in the process.

How your brand can benefit: When you get your content in a Moment, you gain access to eyes that might not have seen your Tweets otherwise, thus enhancing your discoverability on the social network.

Consider putting extra ad spend into Tweets around big events — when you increase engagement on Tweets, you increase the likelihood that you’ll be included at the top of a Twitter Moment.

Also worth noting: Twitter users now have the option to follow Moments they’re interested in. When a user follows a Moment, Tweets from the moment blend directly into their timelines — whether the Twitter user follows your brand or not.

Snapchat Has More Ways to Discover Content

Snapchat pioneered the Live Stories format, yes.


But let’s not forget about the Discover feature.

discover snapchat

Snapchat’s Discover feature serves up unique programming from several major media brands. This native, unique content is a major plus side for brands who are part of the Discover feature and want to stay top-of-mind and deliver valuable content to Snapchat users.

How your brand can benefit: Being a part of Snapchat’s Discover feature fosters a more intimate relationship between a brand and its audience because the network is so much smaller than Twitter.

Even if your brand isn’t on Snapchat’s Discover menu, consider creating unique content for both Snapchat and Twitter so that you get the best of both worlds.

Twitter Moments Have Autoplay

All you need to do is click on the lightning bolt and you’re in. As you’re scrolling through Moments, videos will autoplay. This is similar to how Facebook videos autoplay in your news feed.

This puts immediate eyes on your video content that users might not otherwise have clicked to play.

How your brand can benefit: We keep saying it, but that’s because it is worth saying: 2015 is the year of video. If your brand, B2B or B2C, is serious about social, you should be creating video content to generate brand awareness and give people a taste of what your brand is really all about. Make sure you’re posting videos to Twitter often.

Snapchat Knows How to Geotag and Play

Perhaps one of Snapchat’s greatest strengths is the playfulness it inspires.

snapchat rainbow


With geotagging and a wide variety of funny/hypnotizing lenses,  the network is a refreshing break from the concrete permanence of Facebook and newsy conversation of Twitter.

How your brand can benefit: Snapchat is not the place to make a serious point about your brand. Stay playful there. Twitter Moments encourages content both serious and light-hearted, but remember that you’ll gain more traction if you ride a wave as opposed to creating one on both networks.

Twitter Moments Have Descriptions

In a very Buzzfeed-esque style, Twitter Moments are accompanied by short, tight descriptions of what will be included in that moment.

twitter moments wake up

This allows users to know what they’re getting into a choose well.

How your brand can benefit: Which Moments are trending right now that you could be a part of? Tailor your Twitter content accordingly to get involved and increase discoverability.

What do Twitter Moments Mean to Your Brand?

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter. How will you take advantage of this new feature, and which brands do you see doing it well?

But that’s not all: If you want a more holistic understanding of Twitter as a network, download our eBook by clicking below!

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