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Twitter Account Report 2.0: New From Simply Measured

Simply Measured users are in for a pretty sweet surprise when they open their Twitter reports this week.

We’ve given the reports an exciting upgrade, making content easier to understand, analyze and present to your teams. Not to mention that they’re so sexy, you’ll be amazed they’re based in Excel.

“But what about the awesome data I’m used to? Did you change all of that?”

Of course not, concerned patron. You’ll still get the same great social analytics and data that you’re used to, but with some amazing updates that will make it easier to extract better insights from that data, faster.

Twitter 2.0: New Account Report Upgrades

Engagement: Your engagement breakdown has some rich new details, including an in depth analysis of your engagement “peak” and how it breaks down into replies, Retweets and whether or not it was brand-driven content.

It also calls out your most engaging Tweet from that day and individually breaks down the interaction that resulted. That engagement circle and information in the callouts (for all charts) will shift dynamically when you update date range or interval in Excel. These insights will help you better understand how users are interacting with your Twitter content, and subsequently help you create better Twitter content in the future.

Followers: Your follower growth section has been expanded to include an entire “Follower Activity” analysis, displaying the followers you’ve added in report period, growth as a percentage, and – my personal favorite – a percentage of “followers engaged” that calls out the percentage of your followers who’ve interacted with you during that period. A separate callout will reflect your peak within the period, and allow you to analyze what content and interaction led to that spike.

Date and Time: This section is brand new and adds an entirely new layer of useful data. This chart breaks down your most engaging date and time, allowing you to plan your content calendar accordingly. Not to mention…it’s a really good looking chart.

Type of Tweets: Your newly crafted “Brand Tweets By Type” section not only demonstrates the type of tweets (i.e. RTs, @Replies and Normal Tweets), it also breaks down the engagement you’ve seen from each type, and some helpful analysis of your best opportunities.

Content: In the same vein as your “Brand Tweets By Type” section, your “Brant Tweets by Content” section breaks down the amount of photos, videos, links and normal tweets you post, as well as the engagement you’re seeing from each. This section will also let you know which type of content you should focus on.

Metric Definitions: Social Media is full of network and content-specific terminology. Our new report includes definitions of different metrics and terms throughout the analysis. These will appear as tooltips when a user mouses over any metric that is defined. The rest of the useful data and functionality you’ve come to know and love is still here, just with a really nice facelift that is sure to impress your boss, clients, partners, children, pets, random strangers on the street, etc.

If you’re already a Simply Measured user, your updated report is ready to download now. If you’re not, take us for a spin with a personalized demo.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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