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Nokia, Huawei and Samsung Making Waves at Mobile World Congress

This year, mobile manufacturers chose to reveal less at CES. Instead, many opted to wait and showcase their latest and greatest at Mobile World Congress, which kicked off today in Barcelona, Spain. In the past, CES has been an important event for major mobile announcements.

So why have manufacturers decided to wait for MWC?

Mobile manufacturers are hoping to drive more buzz at a mobile industry event where they won’t risk being overshadowed by the coolest new gadget or the largest TV known to man. MWC is the world’s largest mobile trade show, and growing, with more than 1,500 exhibitors and 67,000 attendees in 2012.

This year we’re tracking Mobile World Congress on Twitter, following the hashtags #MWC, #MWC13, and #MWC2013. Take a look at the anticipation for mobile announcements, and how the top mobile brands are trending now that Mobile World Congress is underway.

potential impressions

Potential impressions for Tweets containing the MWC keywords skyrocketed as industry personnel and fans geared up over the weekend. With the event just underway today, over 90 thousand Tweets with keywords have garnered over 299 million potential impressions.

The biggest conversation drivers during this period were both from BBC World. Yesterday they tweeted about phone size, which pre-empted several “talk-to-tablet” oversized phones (or undersized tablets? I’m not sure how to classify these yet) like Asus’s Fonepad.

Today, BBC World Tweeted that Blackberry and Nokia should be concerned about the rise of China’s Huawei, who in turn released the Ascend P2 which is being billed as the fastest smartphone available.

Last week, Forefox teased a big announcement from their Twitter handle, and lived up to it this morning by announcing their Firefox OS platform.

brand mentions

Brand mentions within Tweets containing MWC hashtags began trending prior to the official start of the event, and shot up quickly as the conference got underway. Of the top mobile manufacturers, Nokia has dominated discussion followed by Samsung and Huawei. Early conversation for these brands shows that there is a lot of anticipation for the announcements they’ll be making over the next couple days.

With brand announcements already driving a lot of buzz, we’re excited to see how it shapes up. In the days ahead we’ll be looking to see which brands steal the spotlight and which announcements drive the most conversation on Twitter.

top users

As you would expect, industry news sources have ranked among users with the largest audiences. While it’s unlikely that tech blogs will be reporting on MWC with the unprecedented attendance they showed at this year’s CES, they will be key in bringing this year’s top mobile announcements to consumers.

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