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Now Instagram Is More Search-Friendly Than Ever

Instagram just rolled out two major updates that make it even easier for people to find your content, encouraging brands to leverage events and locations for greater discovery on the visual network.

Now Instagram Is More Search-Friendly Than Ever

This development makes a lot of sense given the current climate of social networks attempting to provide users with the most “in real time” experience possible, from Periscope to Snapchat.

Here’s what has changed on Instagram’s platform, and what it means for your brand.

A Fresh Explore Page

I am so excited about Instagram’s new Explore page. Its breakdown of trending hashtags and easy navigation clears up any confusion that this feature might have carried with it in the past.

instagram blog

As the Instagram blog so succinctly put it, “The new Explore now surfaces trends as they emerge in real-time, connecting you to events and conversations both near you and around the globe. ”

At the top of the Explore page you will also find new curated collections featuring compelling accounts and places, from musicians and athletes to architecture and beaches.

What does this mean for your brand?

Trending Tags and trending Places let Instagram users experience events and locations  from every perspective in an easily navigable way. This development is especially relevant for brands with brick-and-mortar presences who struggle to make the link between their Instagram content and getting people into the stores.

Brands who send ambassadors out to events like music festivals or industry conferences can also benefit from this development, because by posting content that gains popularity  you can make your brand more visible to people who are organically interested in the type of content your brand might post.

Finally, this development is useful for any brand who wants to research what users are posting and reacting well to on Instagram — especially in preparation for UGC contests, brainstorming campaign ideas, or finding influencers.

A More Powerful Search

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for on Instagram now.  With the new Places Search, you can get a good look at just about any location on earth.

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The new Top Search also lets you search across people, places, and tags all at once.

What does this mean for your brand? 

This development makes it much easier for Instagram users to research a restaurant, new city, resort, or store before they ever step foot in that place. The quality of your Instagram content (and the content which Instagram users post about your brand) is the modern-day Yelp review, and may just dictate whether or not someone decides to visit your store or website — or not.

This makes it more vital than ever for your brand to have an active, regular presence on Instagram, so that it’s your content and not your competitor’s that comes up when people search for a specific location.

Remember that you can “bring your brand” wherever you or your employees travel — this is a good way to get a global brand some local recognition.

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