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Past, Present, and Future: Celebrating and Saying Goodbye to Our First Product

Simply Measured has been the leader in social analytics for the past five years. As we continue to push the envelope of what’s possible for social marketers, let’s take a look at how we got here and where we’re going.


When we started Simply Measured back in 2010, we went by a very different name: Untitled Startup.

What made Untitled Startup unique (other than the slightly bizarre name) was that it was founded with a vision for process, not product or market. We knew we wanted to provide marketers with the best and simplest resource for their data analysis needs, even if we didn’t quite know what that resource should be.

On an afternoon in January, 2010, we set out to find our answer. We took to Twitter, asking our family, friends, and fellow marketers what they would want to see from a solution. Many ideas were thrown around, but one stood out: a tool that would monitor your tweets and export them, along with their valuable performance data, into a spreadsheet where you could work your analytics magic. Simple enough! This is how our first product, RowFeeder, was born.


As RowFeeder grew, we saw another opportunity to better our customers’ lives. was our next endeavour, bringing Facebook data to your fingertips (in a pre-Facebook Insights dashboard world). With, we were able to provide insights to our customers, instead of them having to sift for it. We took the data available and crunched the numbers, providing customers with beautiful charts and graphs for their most important metrics.

Realizing how useful RowFeeder and were to our customers, we felt we were ready to join the big leagues. In early 2011, we put on our big-kid pants, and Untitled Startup became Simply Measured.


The last five years have brought many changes to the social media space. We’ve seen the birth of Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, and the death of MySpace, to name a few.

The last year has brought with it a lot of exciting news for Simply Measured.
Simply Measured adds DataRank and InsideSocialIn In September we acquired Inside Social and their team of incredibly talented folks. Over the last six months we’ve been hard at work to integrate their game-changing technology with our powerful platform to solve one of social’s biggest problems: attributing the ROI of social.

In October we acquired DataRank, a social intelligence solution that helps marketers derive insights from social data and online conversations. Now more than ever, we are providing our customers with the most complete social analytics solution.


Many more changes have happened over the last five years, but one thing has remained a constant: we believe in providing marketers with the best and simplest ways to collect and analyze data. As we embark on our journey to build the next generation of Simply Measured, we’ve made the choice to retire our original product, RowFeeder. RowFeeder has been a staple in many social marketers’ toolboxes, but marketers are ready for (and need) bigger and better solutions. We’re focusing on bringing our customers the next generation of analytics tools to help them solve some of their toughest problems in the simplest way.

To all of our RowFeeder customers: Thank you for helping us learn and grow into the company we are today. We hope you’re just as excited about the future as we are.

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Maricel Paz

I'm a Product Marketing Manager here at Simply Measured, where I work to ensure our products meet our customers' needs. I'm passionate about well-designed products, pinot noir, and Bravo TV

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