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Planning for 2018: Which Insights Are Lurking in Your Content?

2017 End of Year Social Audit

If you wanted to retire in 10 years, would you invest your money in a couple of stocks, sit back, and just hope for the best?

Of course not!

You would consider your investment options, examine past performance, make informed choices, and carefully track your progress so you could adjust. Although everyone wants a quick win, we know they’re rare. So, instead, we work to build wealth over time.

Content marketing and social marketing work the same way. These two marketing strategies are investments and you can expect some ups and downs. But with proper planning and attention, these investments should grow in value.

Yet way too many businesses leave things to chance and risk getting burned.

As you prepare for 2018, don’t forget about your content and social marketing strategy. Scrutinizing the performance of your marketing content can help you unearth important insights that are critical to your strategic planning process and the success of these investments.

For instance, an audit of your content can answer questions like the following:

  • What content do we need to build to support our business goals?
  • Which content has performed well, and how should this influence our creation plans going forward?
  • Which content has been a disappointment? What can we do about it?
  • How can we make the most of the content we already have?
  • Is there material on our website that is hindering our ability to achieve our goals?
  • Are we attracting the right kind of traffic – traffic that converts?
  • Are we providing our target customers with the answers they need to make decisions?

These insights and more could be lurking in your content.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 11 am (PST), I will be joining Simply Measured as a guest speaker in a webinar titled From Audit to Planning: Prepare for 2018.

Tazi Flory, Customer Success Manager at Simply Measured, and I will discuss:

Why a content audit is essential to your strategic planning process.

Audits can help you build an efficient, impactful, and comprehensive content marketing strategy for 2018, so your investment in creative assets will actually drive the results you crave.
Why Perform A Content Audit?

What you need to perform a successful content audit.

There are three initial steps to get you prepared for your social and content audit: clarify the goals of your business, discover ways to integrate content and social into those business goals, and build a content inventory of everything you created in 2017.
Prepare for Your Audit

Best Practices and Actionable Steps

To ensure you have a successful 2018 on social, we will walk you through specific steps you should take before building out your content and social marketing plan. We’ll show you how to interpret your data, determine which assets were most or least successful, and discover the resources available to you (and those you still need).Planning for 2018

Register for Webinar Now: From Audit to Planning - Prepare for 2018
Register for Webinar Now: From Audit to Planning – Prepare for 2018

Your content marketing investment is too important to leave to chance. Join us and register now to learn how you can plan for a successful 2018 by auditing and planning your content.

To learn more about completing a thorough audit of your content, download the guide below, 2017 End-of-Year Social Audit.

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

2017 End of Year Social Audit


Amy Wright

Amy Wright is a content marketing consultant with roots in market analysis, content development, and analyst relations. She spends her days helping businesses make the most of their content by combining strategic content planning with the joys of creation. When she’s not working, Amy can be found hiking, reading, or relaxing with family and friends.

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