Pointless Analysis of the Day: Pizza vs. Beer Tweets

Pointless Analysis of the Day: Pizza vs. Beer Tweets

There is a lot of useful data in social media, but once in awhile we enjoy looking at some trends that are utterly pointless, offering no business insight beyond a good old fashioned kick in the pants. When we saw the extremely tight correlation between pizza and beer on Twitter, we thought it was worth sharing. Rarely do we see two conversations follow such a tight correlation by volume and time. Through this rigorous scientific approach, we have proven beyond doubt that Americans love both pizza and beer and often enjoy this food and beverage combination.

The above chart shows a 5 day period from Thursday 9/23 to Monday 9/27. In order to get a more consistent view of time, we narrowed this down to US only. This gaves us a couple week days and the entire weekend. Beer maintains a strong share of the conversation from Thursday through Saturday, but pizza catches up on Sunday and then takes the lead on Monday. Both conversations peaked at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT on Friday. Apparently as the work week comes to a close, pizza and beer are top of mind 🙂

Also worth noting, that both pizza and beer are a national phenomenon. The conversation basically maps to population as shown in the map below. Most cities have a pretty consistent pizza/beer tweet ratio. However, those drunk hipsters in Portland talk about beer almost 3 times more than pizza. J/K, we love you P-Town 🙂

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam is the Co-Founder and VP of Strategy at Simply Measured. In 2010 (aka the dark ages of social marketing), Adam joined Damon Cortesi and Aviel Ginzburg to found "Untitled Startup, Inc" with the goal of helping marketers and analysts use social data to do their best work. The company quickly evolved to become Simply Measured and the trusted leader in social analytics. Outside of Simply Measured, Adam is a golfer, breakfast enthusiast, and long-time data geek.

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