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Pre-Released Super Bowl Ads Draw Attention on Twitter

Over 30 advertisers have been confirmed as Super Bowl in-game national advertisers (as well as several advertisers who are targeting only certain media markets). These brands range from Super Bowl regulars like Budweiser and Doritos to relative newcomers like McDonald’s (which has favored pre-game advertising in recent years) and Loctite, the makers of Super Glue.

Hashtag Usage in Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Hashtags 2
Mention volume of the top performing pre-released Super Bowl ad hashtags leading up to the big game.

Marketing Land reported that 57% of ads run nationally during the 2014 Super Bowl featured a hashtag. This year we’ve calculated 79% of spots that have already been made public feature a hashtag, and collectively these hashtags have generated 157,603 mentions on Twitter over the last 7 days.

This increased focus on hashtagging, and the already sizable response they see, points to the justified value brands are placing on social media as an integral piece of their overall marketing strategy.

Increased Practice of Pre-Releasing Ads

Pre-Released Super Bowl Ads Draw Attention on Twitter

Detailed planning of a social media campaign is easy to overlook, but it should be the foundation of your approach. Researching what competitors are already doing and what your own brand has already done can lead to a much more effective campaign and will give more meaningful insights into how your campaign performs once it is launched.


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Brands that pre-released Super Bowl spots have seen slightly higher average Twitter mentions than brands who haven’t released their ads.

One strategy brands are increasingly employing is pre-releasing or teasing Super Bowl ads before they air. About two-thirds of the confirmed advertisers for this year have already released or teased their spots online. Over the last 7 days, brands who have pre-released their ad have had their Twitter handles mentioned 7% more than brands that haven’t. Given the small sample size of brands and the wide variance of their audience sizes, this isn’t a significant difference, but it will be interesting to see if one strategy shows more success after the Super Bowl.

NFL YouTube Channel

Advertisers aren’t the only ones placing emphasis on social media ahead of Sunday’s game. Announced Monday, the NFL’s official YouTube channel has already attracted upwards of 18,000 subscribers and over 300,000 views in just a few days. This quick growth is likely to explode along with the impending media furor around this year’s Super Bowl. The channel’s most viewed video, “2015 Pro Bowl highlights,” already has over 100,000 views, but is on pace to be surpassed by “Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks NFL Films preview.” Check out this channel next week for what is sure to be some great footage.

We’ll be doing a full wrap-up after the game next week. Be sure to visit the Simply Measured blog to see who won the ad game on Twitter.

Michael Thomason

Michael Thomason

Michael is Simply Measured's Marketing Analyst, focused on measuring, analyzing, and understanding the social strategy for the most successful social brands in the world.

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