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Product Update: The Complete Social Snapshot Report

There’s no question that it’s important to zero in on the centralized impact of your efforts within each social network, but stepping back to take a holistic look at your overall social presence is just as crucial. Without that cross-network look at your brand’s activity, you may be missing some important themes and trends that you should be taking advantage of.

With that in mind, we’ve made some significant changes to our Complete Social Snapshot.

If you’re a Simply Measured customer, this report is now live in your account, and if you’re not, it’s available as part of our comprehensive Free trial.

Let’s take a look at the big changes to this report, and how they’ll help you gain a rich, thorough understanding of your social presence.

6 Benefits of a Holistic Social Snapshot

Complete social media overview

1. Simplifying a Complex Analysis: The new report makes your data a lot more digestible, packaging it in five clear sections: Overview, Audience, Outbound & Engagement, Content Details, and Channel Details. Each section is clearly marked by a clickable navigation (Yes, in Excel). Within those sections, your data is broken down and explained in simple terms that you’ll be able to quickly understand and share throughout your team.

Red Bull Social Media Audience Growth

2. Expanding Your Dataset: Your social media strategy is no longer just Facebook and Twitter. You’re expanding your presence and adding networks to reach different audiences. With this in mind, we’ve added Instagram to your complete snapshot report, and as we add other networks like Tumblr and LinkedIn to our suite, you’ll see them integrated here as well.


3. Relative Insight: Not all networks are created equal. While your Facebook page’s audience  may see 10x the growth of your Instagram account, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not doing your job on Instagram. To reflect this, we’ve added an engagement rate component. This addition will help you identify smaller networks that are punching above their weight, and deserve some added attention, as well as larger ones that may be stagnant.

Social Media Engagement

4. Winning The Crowd: To further help you identify networks where a particular strategy is working the best, we’ve updated this section to demonstrate your engagement as a percent of your audience. In the above example, Instagram is seeing a higher engagement rate when compared with the audience size than any other network. This allows you to focus your analysis on the things that are working within a particular network, and form a plan around how to incorporate those elsewhere.

Content Breakdown on Social Media Channels

5. Content Across Channels: In addition to showing you which types of content you’re publishing, the report now helps identify which ones are working, and where they’re working the best. If you’ve posted as many photos to Twitter as you have to Facebook, but are seeing 10x the engagement on Facebook, it might be time to focus your attention elsewhere on Twitter.

Social Network Analytics

6. Network Details: While the overview is important, it’s not complete without context. This table breaks down the metrics specific to each network, helping you get a snapshot of your activity on each network.

Interested in seeing your brand’s activity across all your social networks? If you’re a Simply Measured customer, this report is now live in your account, and if you’re not, it’s available as part of our comprehensive Free trial.

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