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Quality Control on Periscope: What You Can Do

With the latest Periscope development — Twitter users can now watch Periscope streams directly within their feed, as opposed to clicking a link that redirects to the Periscope app — Periscope streams are now more accessible to more viewers than ever.

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In essence, this makes your Periscope streams immediately available not only to the over 10 million Periscope users, but also to Twitter’s 320 million active users.

The good news: You can get your Periscope content in front of Twitter audiences who might not have known your brand is active on Periscope, and increase your audience size and engagement on both networks.

The not-so-good-news: If you make a gaffe on Periscope, all of Twitter will see, too.

In this new ecosystem, it is more important than ever to make sure you have the right quality controls in place so that you don’t do something your brand (and your career) will suffer from. Here are the quality controls and documentations you should create to prevent Periscope problems — and savvily deal with the fallout if/when these problems do arise.

Put Together Your Brand Guidelines

Put together your brand guidelines, so that there is documentation of what you expect and what should not be tolerated on Periscope. Much of Periscope’s appeal for viewers is its spontaneous nature, but you can protect your brand by putting together easy-to-find brand guidelines for Periscope, which include the following items:

✅ How We Periscope: A brief paragraph describing the style and tone of your Periscope content

✅ Our Periscope’s Unique Value: What makes your brand’s Periscope streams different? What makes viewers want to watch? What makes your brand’s Periscope content hard to imitate? This is a great place to include a few sentences about how your Periscope investment relates to the larger goals of your marketing organization.

✅ Definitely Do’s: Include a checklist of different components, from lighting to setting to language, that need to be included in every Periscope stream.

✅ Definitely Do Not’s: Include a checklist of behavior and qualities which will not be tolerated in a Periscope stream.

✅ Guest Guidelines: A great way to spice up your Periscope streams is to bring in a guest influencer and/or celebrity to run your stream for an hour, day, week, etc. Make sure you have a tl;dr version of your guidelines for these guests, so that they’re on the same page, too.

Important: Make sure you get sign-off from all relevant members of your marketing organization, from the top to the bottom — especially those who will be running your account. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and has the same level of commitment to your brand’s values and guidelines when it comes to creating Periscope content, and it will also show senior members of your organization that Periscope is a serious marketing channel for you, and that you plan to utilize it responsibly.

Choose Your Events Wisely

Just because you’re on Periscope now doesn’t mean you have to always be on it. Quality control means ensuring that when you do show up, you show up with killer content every single time — and that you don’t overload your viewers with too much content.

How to Build a Social Media Calendar

This means you have to plan ahead. Plan out your Periscope streams for the quarter and/or year by building them into your social media calendar. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be open to spur-of-the-moment streams (as long as they adhere to the guidelines you put together), but it does mean that you’re committing to a regular cadence and doing the prep work to make sure each stream is pure gold.

Create a (Detailed) Crisis Plan

What if everything goes wrong? What if you or your Periscopers curse on air, or don’t position your product in the right way, or do something else terrible that doesn’t fit within your brand guidelines?

How to Build a Better Social Media Team

Have a crisis plan in place so that you know exactly what to do if one of these things happens. Your Periscope crisis plan should include:

✅ A hypothetical “what” (what happened that needs a response plan)

✅ A “how” (how we’ll react to this)

✅ A “why” (why you’re reacting this way)

Make sure you’re listening to and regularly measuring the conversation around your brand’s handle and relevant hashtags so that you know exactly when negative feedback begins.

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