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Making Your Data More Beautiful With New Simply Measured Reports

Today, Simply Measured is refreshing our entire catalog of reports, giving them a sleek, updated look and making your data easier to consume.

Your reports will still have all the great data and functionality you’re used to. Bringing you metrics in both a web-based dashboard and Excel format is our passion, and it couldn’t be done without a dedicated team working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep bringing you beautiful reports with unparalleled functionality and depth.

One of those team members is Gino Valente, our report designer. Many designers build pretty things that look good on your screen, but Gino is tasked with the unique challenge of making those same pretty things, but doing so in an Excel Framework using constantly shifting formulas and data points.

Gino’s work has been integral for this report update, and his work is immediately noticeable. When he was finally able to break away from his screen, we talked about his work on this project:

Q&A With The Genius Behind Our Report Designs

Why did you and the team at Simply Measured decide to update the reports?
We wanted to redesign the reports so our users could take full advantage of the powerful new capabilities we have built for them. In our newly refreshed reports like the Twitter Account Report, you’ll notice new call out boxes that highlight chart peaks and help you develop actionable insight. We also wanted to save our users from the sea of data they’re used to in the traditional analytics experience. We completely cleaned up the look and feel of our reports to cut out visual clutter yet display more information. We may be based in Excel but that won’t stop us from being one of the most beautiful reporting services out there.

How important is it that these reports function this well and look this good in both a web-based dashboard and in Excel?
It is absolutely essential. Other companies have created some great products for the web but the bottom line is the world runs in Excel and combining that functionality with the ease-of-use and accessibility of the web dashboard is what makes our product amazing. These aren’t the boring spreadsheets you’re used to either. When I first saw a Simply Measured report, all I could think was “Wow, is that really Excel!?” Our amazing engineering team has truly worked magic behind the scenes, enabling us to deliver such a great product both via web and on the desktop. My goal is to keep users mystified and asking themselves “Is this really Excel!?”

What are you most proud of in the new reports?
I am very proud of how we have brought the reports to life for our users. Change the date range or interval within an excel file and you’ll see dynamically updating charts that will graphically identify activity peaks and update insightful contextual information about your data. It truly redefines the experience most of us have with excel.

How will these updates help customers use the reports better?
The new graphical and text callouts mark a shift from classic reporting to delivering actionable information and insights. Now, clients can quickly grab the most important takeaways in one glance, get tailored advice straight from their own data and still be able to take a deep dive into the numbers. We’ve made our product much smarter and it will help you do your job better.

What is your biggest challenge designing within Excel?
Excel is an extremely powerful tool but can have some serious graphical limitations. Besides your boss getting cute with Clip Art, most people will just stay away from anything fancy all together. At Simply Measured, we’ve designed beautiful reports with depth that look and feel like an expensive and sleek product. Sometimes it involves using a 10-stop gradient on a legend or spending your whole day at 3200% zoom just to simulate pixel perfect depth. Overcoming these design constraints is the ultimate problem solving challenge. It results from our team knowing Excel inside and out and capitalizing on opportunities to push it further than it’s ever gone before.

Take a look at this Twitter Report breakdown and bask in the awesome glow of the work Gino’s done, and request a demo to take Simply Measured for a spin today.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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