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Twitter’s Newest Metrics Available in Twitter Account Report

Earlier this morning, Twitter released a new version of their activity dashboard. The update includes the addition of Impressions, Clicks, Engagement Rate, Period over Period comparisons, and several other metrics previously not offered natively for organic tweets.

This is a big move for Twitter. Our CEO, Adam Schoenfeld, said it best in his quote for Twitter’s announcement:

With social media maturing as a marketing channel, measurement is the top priority for brands looking to understand performance and scale investment. By allowing access to real impression data, Twitter is giving marketers a relevant benchmark to compare social marketing outcomes with other digital channels.

Though the metrics aren’t currently available through the API, Simply Measured worked together with the team at Twitter to enable the inclusion of these new metrics in our Twitter Account Report. Here’s how it works:

  • Within the Simply Measured dashboard, run the Twitter Account Report for your desired reporting period. After it’s finished generating, download the report into Excel.
  • Export the data (up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets) from the native Twitter activity dashboard into a .csv. Copy all of the data within the main sheet.
  • Navigate back to the .xls of your Twitter Account Report and paste the data into the “Twitter Analytics Data” tab.

That’s it! The new data will automatically override several areas within the report, giving you the most accurate snapshot of your Twitter performance on the market. Here’s what you’ll see:

The Megaphone

Within the Megaphone, you’ll see two changes. First, Twitter’s Total Impressions will now appear in place of Potential Impressions. We’ll also replace Clicks with Twitter’s URL clicks.

Understanding that many marketers will continue to track the old metrics for consistency, Potential Reach will remain in the megaphone. Potential Impressions are available in the original report, so simply jot that number down before you paste the data into the “Twitter Analytics Data” tab.

With Twitter Analytics Data

Megaphone With

Without Twitter Analytics Data

Megaphone Without

Owned Tweets & Impressions

In the original report, this section is known as “Potential Impressions Analysis.” Because Twitter only gives you impressions on your owned tweets, we revamped this section to dive deeper into performance of your owned activity. You’ll now see your Average Engagement Rate, Total Followers resulting from Sent Tweets, more information about how your tweets were amplified, and more.

With Twitter Analytics Data

Potential Impressions With

Without Twitter Analytics Data

Potential Impressions Without
If you’re a current Simply Measured customer, the Twitter Account Report is updated and waiting in your account! If not, click here to check it out as part of our comprehensive 14-day trial.

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