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Say Hello to Social Listening by Simply Measured

It seems like yesterday that we were contemplating what Simply Measured and DataRank would achieve together for our customers. But it wasn’t yesterday — it was nine months ago. Today, that vision becomes a reality. DataRank is now called Social Listening by Simply Measured.

Image_SocialListenig-1024x512-BlogThe reality is that it hasn’t been easy. It has been reminiscent of the Ramen- and Red Bull-fueled days of our first year as a startup. Our teams have been working as hard as ever towards accomplishing our mission, and I couldn’t be more proud. We have been energized by the value this will bring to marketers and to our customers. Every social marketer should know the answer to these questions, all the time: 

1. What Are People Saying About My Brand?

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.57.12 AMTo understand brand health and take action on social conversations, our Social Listening solution provides greater context with:

  • Themes that can expose purchase intent and preferences for product “flavors” 
  • Keywords that can tell you which terms people are associating with your brand
  • Sentiment Analysis that can tell you whether the commentary around your brand is skewing positive or negative right now

All of these features can help you expose insights around your brand faster than ever before.

2. Who Is Talking About My Brand (And My Competitors)?

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.06.15 AMOur real-time, interactive Social Listening dashboard helps you: 

  • Identify influencers and activate them to grow your share of voice against competitors
  • Enable your team to react quickly to opportunities and grow your business
  • Understand detailed demographics and psychographics so you know who your audiences are and how to better relate to them

3. Where Are People Talking and Engaging?

To better reach your target audiences and new consumers, you need to know where people are engaging so you can get involved in relevant conversations.

With our Social Listening solution, users will get access to more data sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and millions of blogs, forums, message boards, and news sites.  

MapUsers are also able to identify regional or geographic trends in social conversation to better target campaigns.

Customers will notice a new UI for Social Listening as it becomes an integrated part of Simply Measured. This means one user experience, whether users are engaging in Social Listening, Reporting, or Analytics.

DataRank has been empowering companies with Social Listening for five years now. We’ve seen it lead to decisions that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our customers. We’ve seen it evolve. We’ve seen it completely change they way people relate to businesses. As Social Listening continues to impact the bottom line, Simply Measured will be there, leading the way.

If you’re a Simply Measured customer and want to give Social Listening by Simply Measured a try, contact your account manager. If you’re not a Simply Measured customer yet, go here for a free demo. And if you want more information on Social Listening, download our guide below!

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Social Listening in the 21st Century


Ryan Frazier

As Director, Insights Strategy at Simply Measured, I spend my time thinking about how digital and social conversation can impact the bottom line of every business. I was the Co-Founder & CEO of DataRank, now "Social Listening" by Simply Measured.

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