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Send a Strong Message in Your Facebook Videos to Boost Engagement

For  Facebook videos, should you go for the silly video of a caveman that barely relates to your brand message? Or, should you go with a silly video of a caveman that actually drives home a message about your company’s values? According to our recent analysis of Facebook videos with high engagement per follower, you should go with option two.

Send a Strong Message in Your Facebook Videos to Boost Engagement

We asked our trusty data analyst Michael Thomason to share a list of the most engaged-with Facebook videos from our Q3 2104 study of the Interbrand Top 100 Global Companies. He came back with a pretty surprising mix of media that showed a pattern – people who love a brand want to be inspired by that brand’s products and opinion of the world.

Let’s walk through the top ten videos on the list and see what we notice.

Siemens Pushes Products for Cleaner Planet

Do you think that wind energy is the key to a cleaner, more economically sound future for America? What about getting more efficient train systems into our major cities? Siemens supports both of those ideas. Why? Because they build wind turbines and trains but also, according to their videos, they care.

On Facebook, this company has just under 22,000 followers but those followers responded well to a very beautiful video of (follow me here) items moving in the wind and producing musical notes that were then choreographed so they play the song “Blue Danube.” There’s a lot of ‘Merica in this prairie and factory-focused video.

This train video did not inspire the same response as the “wind song” but managed to be third on our list of most engaged with videos.

While both of these videos seemed friendly and feel good, they made a statement, and those statements earned Siemens detractors. People who think wind turbines are not safe for wildlife and don’t provide enough energy, or people who think the trains they make are better than Siemens, all wrote in with comments. That’s fair on social. But, the fact is Siemens put out a strong message about what they believe in and a good number of their fans hopped on board and showed their support with Likes, shares, and positive comments.

Budweiser and 3M Share Their Values and Pluck Heart Strings

Has anyone NOT seen the video of the cutest dog in the world waiting for hours and hours for his owner to come back from a “night out with the boys”? I still get choked up watching it for the fifth and sixth times. Budweiser puts out a very clear and poignant message to drink responsibly with this video. They don’t mean maybe.

Budweiser had more than 12 million followers on Facebook at the time of our study and they garnered over 200,000 engagements from this video. Plus, the majority of those engagements (108,860) were shares. That’s a big compliment to Budweiser on creating content that people want their friends and family to see.

3M also showed its softer side by publishing a video of their CEO accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge. The company has a relatively small following, it was around 32,600 when we pulled this data, but these fans are loyal. They know who the CEO is and they gave him and the company pure positive comments and a good number of shares and Likes for participating in ALS fundraising.

Strong Product Placements Still Work

The remaining four brands our list of top videos by per-follower engagement didn’t make strong cultural statements. Instead, they came up with fun, sexy product placements. We’ve noticed that this approach works for videos and photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Gillette’s Flexball razors pressing piano keys or turning into a shark for Shark Week earned Gillette a lot of response, with the piano video getting nearly 28,000 likes from their more than 2 million followers.

Volkswagen managed to hire some of the most talented drivers in the world to get Gulfs to play soccer together on a field. It’s impressive. They also complimented Germany on a World Cup win, which likely helped to earn them sixth place on the list.

Finally, Louis Vuitton featured expensive bags held by classically thin and runway-ready models, feeding their followers’ love of luxury and sex appeal, and earning them seventh place on the list.

What’s Your Video Strategy?

Have you tried putting out a strong message about your company values in your videos on Facebook? Tell us how that worked or what you think might work better in the comments below.

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